The cinema outings of Wednesday September 14: Honorary Citizen, Coup de théâtre, Canaille… (VIDEO)

The holidays are now really behind us. Head in the handlebars, many of us need a good dose of humor. That’s good, cinemas have spread the word and are offering a week of releases frankly marked by comedy and humor. First of all, the event of the week is undoubtedly honorary citizen by Mohammad Hamidi. … Read more

Jaime Camil: “They should name me an honorary Colombian”

Lucio Ugalde is an important name for the Fernández family. He was the tailor of Vicente Fernández for more than 40 years and after the death of the idol, he continues to work with his son Alejandro. Fernandez and Ugalde met in Mexico City and established a relationship thanks to their impeccable mariachi dresses, which … Read more