“X: A Sexy Horror Story” forbidden to minors because it is too extreme

On the same day as its theatrical release in Italy, the Commission for the classification of cinematographic works appointed by the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture decided to ban the film for minors. “The set of scenes in which one or more sensitive content is present, the tone and … Read more

Best Western Horror Movies, Ranked | Pretty Reel

The Western horror genre is often considered one of the rarest and rarest in the film industry. These unique films combine classic horror movie tropes with traditional western movie setting, creating a mix that is sometimes eerie, sometimes campy, but always entertaining. Here are the best western horror movies of all time, ranked. 10 Tremors … Read more

The celebrities were revealed during the opening of Halloween Horror Nights


This Thursday, several representative entertainment figures walked the usual red carpet for the opening of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and although the endless heat wave felt in Southern California complicated things more than expected, the cloudy sky that greeted us meant that the reporters, located for several hours in an open-air … Read more

Critique of ¡Nope!: Jordan Peele adds satire and comedy to his cocktail of art house horror


Horror movies and genre movies in general have gained a lot of power in recent years. In the last decade we have witnessed the appearance of fresh authors with new proposals framed in what we can call Art House Horror: an aesthetic terror, far from the most characteristic postulates of the eighties cinema, of gore, … Read more

‘The Silence of the Lambs’ is much more than a horror movie


It’s been more than 30 years since ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ was released in theaters, on Valentine’s Day 1991 in the US, which seemed like a macabre decision on the part of its distributors. However, despite being considered “vintage”, many images and dialogue in this film are about FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) … Read more

Comic horror and where to find them: until a laugh will bury us | Rolling Stone Italy


What’s better than a summer horror? A horror that makes you laugh. Obviously there are two types of films: the horror comedy deliberately shot for this purpose and the horror films that instead are so painful as to elicit more laughter than fright. We have searched for the best for you horror comedy available on … Read more

The Final Girls: A Metariflexive Horror Parody ~ Daily Periodical Entertainment


The Final Girls is a 2015 horror comedy starring Taissa Farmiga (sister of Vera Farmiga) and Nina Dobrev. The slasher is one of the most widespread and abused horror subgenres. A typology seen in all sauces, which, for better or worse, always proposes the same stereotypes and the same situations. Originality is now rare, and … Read more

The Simpsons Season 34 Needs A Classic Treehouse Of Horror Rule


Although The simpsons Season 34’s Treehouse of Horror will struggle to match the show’s best Halloween specials, but the welcome return of a lore might help the episode succeed. The simpsons has, for better or worse, experimented with its format in recent seasons. The Season 33 Revelations About Homer’s Mom, Mona, Proved That The simpsons … Read more

The man against the bee (Man vs Bee, 2022) The horror series of the year. Cool. Pure Mr. Bean


It has premiered in Netflix The man against the bee, a series that I personally really wanted since I saw it announced. There are 9 episodes that barely add up to 100 minutes in its entirety and it is the return of Rowan Atkinson to the closest thing to his iconic character, mr bean. Comedy, … Read more