Humour, parody and rural exodus, protagonists of the 3rd L’Almunia Theater Festival

‘With how well we were. Ferretería García’, a work awarded with two Max Awards, will be the second work of the Festival on February 11. FFebruary is once again theater month in L’Almunia with the III edition of the “Luis de los Ríos Gracia” Festival. The City Council resumes its cultural program at the Salón … Read more

The humour. Essay by Luigi Pirandello. 1908/1920.

First edition: 1908Second augmented edition: 1920. The humour is composed of an erudite and historical-philological first part, more linked to the competition occasion, and of a second, more important, of a “psychological and aesthetic” nature (as Pirandello wrote to Ugo Ojetti), with inserts in a “narrative” register ” which, gradually, expands more and more.Fundamental text … Read more

Humour : notre sélection des spectacles les plus percutants du moment

L’humour se porte bien, merci pour lui. L’offre de spectacles n’a jamais été aussi pléthorique et les temples du rire affichent des taux de remplissage insolents comparés aux pièces de théâtre et surtout aux salles obscures frappées par une crise de fréquentation inédite dans l’histoire du cinéma français. « Après deux années compliquées, le public est … Read more

The Publics of humour: international colloquium of the Interdisciplinary Research Network on Humor (Paris)

The Publics of humour: international colloquium of the Interdisciplinary Network for Research on Humor November 24-25, 2022 Sorbonne Nouvelle University: Campus Condorcet conference center, Place du Front Populaire, Aubervilliers Program Thursday, November 24 9:30-10:00 a.m.: Welcome, Auditorium 250Introduction by Jamil Jean-Marc Dakhlia, President of the Sorbonne Nouvelle, and the organization team (RIRH). 10-11 a.m.: Plenary … Read more

The limit of humour: parody in the audiovisual sector

Patricia Mariscal, lawyer at Bardají&Honoredreflects on the limits of humor and its legal reality through this Tribune. The conjunction between humor and criticism is a magnificent incentive for creativity. When that creativity gives rise to a comic creation which has one or several previous works as its target of criticism, we speak of parody. The … Read more