Parodies of Shakira’s song, a joke that could be expensive for ‘influencers’ and other users of social networks?

The release of Shakira’s new song in collaboration with the composer and DJ Bizarrap became an explosive phenomenon on digital platforms. The topic BZRP Music Sessions #53surprised millions of netizens in the world by having a letter loaded with darts against Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía. Despite the fact that the musical work was released … Read more

Alessandro Barbero is raging on the web – mania. The historian beats the influencers

After Piero and Alberto Angelathe web consecrates a new television broadcaster (as well as an academic, writer, essayist …) loved above all by younger Internet users: Alessandro Barbero. The interventions of him and his lectiones magistrales (someone turns up their noses in front of the Latin plurals, but how can one not be fussy about … Read more

Silver Age Influencers to Meet and Follow

The echoes of the song still resound “grandmother la la la la” who, with the neighbor of Villa Luro María Cristina (or Lita) as the main character, transformed the elderly into protagonists of the celebrations for the Soccer World Cup. The collective joy embraced the previous generations and put them close to the center. While … Read more

Cath Pieroni or the “nustral” parody of influencers

For more than ten years, social networks have played a major role in our daily lives. Sharing of private, family moments, news, advertisements. This new mode of digital communication has now become essential with the proliferation of platforms. In recent years, videos have been circulating in large numbers and a new phenomenon has appeared with … Read more

The “great influencers”, these increasingly influential seniors on social networks

Posted 24 Dec. 2022 at 9:00 am When baby boomers become influencers, they are called “big influencers”. At the Streamy Awards in early December in Los Angeles, the annual high mass that celebrates content creators across the Atlantic, six Tiktokers came to raise the average age of an industry still dominated by the generation born … Read more

TPMP: influencers accused of animal abuse shock fans!

On November 28, Cyril Hanouna sued a group of influencers guilty of animal abuse on TPMP. On the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna mentioned an important subject. This Monday, November 28, he sued influencers guilty of animal abuse. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! The TPMP plateau ignites Like every week, the … Read more

Conoce a COMPA, un grupo de influencers latinos que buscan inspirar a sus comunidades

Desde que fue lanzada en 2017, TikTok se ha convertido en una de las plataformas de redes sociales más populares. Solo en los Estados Unidos, hay 138 millones de usuarios activos mensuales. Pero lo que quizás uno no sepa, es que el 31 por ciento de ese número está compuesto por hispanos, la mayor proporción … Read more

Resistance is the new resilience: Meloni’s victory purges the uselessness of influencers

The result of the elections of last September 25 defeated the (not received) Italian left. But also the influencers. Petty, narrow-minded and good only at bringing water to their mill, today the #Resistance and #Antifa feeds are filled, however, falling into contradictions and short circuits so evident that they show them, once again for what … Read more