Squid Game: reality TV inspired by the Netflix series is already degenerating?

The “Squid Game” program was such a success that Netflix decided to launch a reality show based on the concept of the show. But according to the first returns of the shooting, the atmosphere would not really be in good shape! Squid Game : a phenomenon in its own right As a reminder, Squid Game … Read more

The inventor of the ‘zapatófono’, the character that inspired ‘Anacleto, secret agent’

Naive, cheerful, clumsy and carefree, Ancleto, the secret agent became one of the great classics of Spanish humor cartoons. A character whose creator, the cartoonist Manuel Vazquez Gallego, always kept a special affection. An imperfect anti-hero, the first cartoons of him were released at the height of spy fiction, when the whole world yearned for … Read more

“In 2023, I wish you to love me”: “Blast” parodies Emmanuel Macron and launches his “Project M” inspired by the “Guignols”

Ludovic Galtier, Puremediapublished on January 1, 2023 Denis Robert, founder of the independent news site “Blast”, and Bruno Gaccio, former author of the hit show, worked for months on the return of the cult satirical program. The “Project M” is launched. On December 30, “Blast” posted the first sequence of its new version of “Guignols … Read more

‘Daggers in the back 2’: the real ‘celebrities’ who inspired the characters

Are you ready to meet the characters of ‘Stabs in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’? Watch out for this premiere: the cold is coming, the Christmas holidays, and you want more than ever to stay at home to see a netflix movie, or any other platform. From under the blanket, we can … Read more

10 movies that inspired Knives Out (and where to watch them) | Pretty Reel

Read the update Knives Out was a best-selling whodunit with an enthralling cast and gripping plot. As a sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery recently hit theaters, presenting another enigmatic tale. Daniel Craig reprized his role as Detective Benoit Blanc, alongside another cast. Knowing where the inspiration for such an intriguing plot comes from … Read more

‘Millennium’: the hit inspired by James Bond that Robbie Williams considers ‘class B’

A Robert WilliamsMillennium does not like much. He considers it to be one of his ‘B-class’ songs. It is not known if his letter has any meaning. But it doesn’t matter because “it’s fun”. It is inspired by james-bond, on the theme created by John Barry for ‘You only live twice’, the fifth installment of … Read more

Halloween: new NECA horror action figures inspired by the iconic Universal Monsters

Halloween approaches and here is a selection of images of brand new action figures that NECA has announced and that he wanted to dedicate to some classic cinema monsters, in particular to the immortal classics Universal monstersFrom Frankenstein And The Mummy with the legendary Boris Karloff, to the masterpiece Dracula with a hypnotic Bela Lugosi, … Read more

“The Flintstones” broke the mold of animated series and inspired “The Simpsons”

The Flintstones (The Flintstones) hit the small screen exactly 62 years ago, the September 30, 1960. The animated series from the Hanna-Barbera Production Company (The Jetsons, Wacky Races -The Wacky Races-, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Dooetc) premiered on the American television network ABC and continued to air until April 1, 1966. In 166 episodesdescribed the … Read more

‘The White Lotus’ travels to Sicily to analyze the politics of sex in a second season inspired by Almodóvar’s cinema

Walking through Sicily implies looking at a complete catalog of testas di moro. Those pots and decorative vases that are part of its landscape recall the jealous revenge of a woman from Palermo who, more than a thousand years ago, when the Arabs ruled the place, cut off her lover’s head when she discovered that … Read more