Interview: The price to pay for the defense of human rights in Burundi

Lawyer Tony Germain Nkina is one of the last people associated publicly to the movement Burundian of human rights, once flourishing, who is still in prison. He was arrested in 2020 and convicted in 2021, despite the lack of evidence against him. Human rights groups have called his trial a travesty of justice and say … Read more

Interview with Walter Rodríguez, Peruvian director of the comedy “Things for Adults”

The national filmmaker based in Paris, Walter Rodriguez Rosales (Lima, 1975), premieres in the next few days in Peru a comedy recorded with a low budget in Miami, where he lived for many years. The comedy Adult Things (2022), his third feature film as a director, is the story of an actor who goes from … Read more

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it”


Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it.” | TikTok Although many consider that Brunella Horna is not prepared to be in the leadership of a television program, the model continues to fulfill her work in ‘America Today’so on different occasions he has taken to the streets to conduct interviews. … Read more

“If an interview is missed, it’s always my fault”: Augustin Trapenard talks about his replacement for François Busnel in La Grande Librairie


Augustin Trapenard is crazy about literature, to the point of having had passages of novels tattooed on his body. In Boomerang, his show on France Inter which lasted eight years and “which was his whole life“, this former teacher of English and American literature was already conversing with writers. This absolute fan of Emily Brontë, … Read more

Meghan Markle confides without filter in a new interview: “Harry lost his father in the Megxit”


Meghan Markle gave a long interview to an American magazine, in which she discusses her new life and her projects with Harry, and returns to the separation with the British royal family. AFP By the editor Published on 08/30/2022 at 14:22 Reading time: 3 mins While the first episode of his “Archetypes” podcast is released … Read more

Do the rich have a sense of humor ?: interview with Gstaad Guy


Never as today, in the age of social media, 1% of the world’s billionaires it is as visible as it is today. What were once the enclaves of world luxury, with all its elitisms and privileges, have revealed their secrets by dint of IG Stories and sneak peeks on TikTok. Precisely in this world of … Read more

Monia Chokri: “I am allergic to dogmatism” | Interview with the director of “Babysitter”


In babysitting, second feature film as a director by Canadian actress Monia Chokri, Cédric, an engineer with a good economic background, married and a recent father, commits the mistake/sin/insult/slip/outrage (complete with more nouns, as many as you want, and choose one or more) of having an unhappy attitude with a woman whom he does not … Read more

Close encounters: interview with Paolo Vanacore


I have known Paolo Vanacore in Rome during the presentation of Ahab, a literary magazine published in issue 100 dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, on which I had written an article. Paolo is a writer, director and playwright who is working on the adaptation of “The Great Grabski” (the title, as you can easily imagine, … Read more

With the drought, this interview with Jean


Reuters Photographer/REUTERS Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme gestures during a press conference in Bucharest December 1, 2004. Romania is attracting an increasing number of international film productions, lured to the former communist Balkan country by a combination of low labor and construction costs with unspoiled landscapes. REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel BC/DL Reuters Photographer/REUTERS Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme … Read more

Jely Reátegui was inspired by Magaly Medina for her recent film: “My character is morbid and with an acid tongue” | INTERVIEW


Jely Reátegui in “The truth of Xanaxtasia”. (Photo: Youtube Capture) Three months ago, the Peruvian actress Jely Reategui He packed his bags and moved to New York, United States, in search of new opportunities to develop his artistic career. Once settled in The Big Apple, she received a call from XanaxtasiaDiego Muñoz’s character, to invite … Read more