How Mickey became Maltese Mouse. Interview with Bruno Enna

Bruno Enna, Disney and Bonelli screenwriter, is the pen behind it Maltese Mouse – A salt mouse balladthe homage to Corto Maltese published on baby mouse 3197 and 3198 and designed by Giorgio Cavazzano, who is celebrating 50 years of Disney career. Putting two cartoon icons together is no easy feat. They had already tried … Read more

Drawing Disney comics: interview with Carlo Lauro | Nerd League

Our interview with Carlo Lauro, Disney designer of Daisy and The Mysteries of Paris and Darkwing Duck, as well as co-creator of a duo of comic book alter egos. Anyone as an enthusiast or insider cannot fail to be fascinated by the world Disneyand the possibility of getting in touch with it in some way. … Read more

” I am in love ! “: Billie Eilish confides in her Time Capsule video interview

Billie Eilish was only 15 when she was first interviewed by Vanity Fair. At that time, she already had the fangs and the least we can say is that she has accomplished her goals since then. Now 20, the pop star has won multiple awards for her accomplishments (including an Oscar this year) and still … Read more

“The King’s favourite”: a grandiose historical fresco between archaic language and court life. Interview with writer Loretta Minnozzi

The unexpected discovery of one letter exchange kicks off this sui generis book by Loretta Minnozzi The king’s favorite (Argento Vivo Editions, 2022), catapulting the reader, in no time at all, into a bizarre scenario of the French court in the seventeenth century. The story opens with a letter sent by the Marquise Camilla to … Read more

Strangeness, a trio in admirable balance: video interview with Toni Servillo and Ficarra and Picone

Ficarra and Picone burst with their energy into Roberto Andò’s cinema and form a trio as original as it is intriguing with Toni Servillo in La stranezza, presented at the Rome Film Fest, in cinemas from 27 October with Medusa Film. Here is our video interview. Luigi Pirandello observing, in silence, two theatrical actors who … Read more

Armando Bó: “Havelange was a kind of robot, without happiness” | Interview with the director of “El Presidente”

In full fever Qatar World Cup 2022with all the soccer illusion that Lio Messi and company can lift the World Cup as they once did Diego Armando Maradona, it never hurts to remember everything that surrounds the world of professional football. Football is passion but also -or fundamentally- a great business that moves billions of … Read more

Interview with Adrián Moreno, the famous influencer of Real Betis

The young Sevillian also known as djbeticohas given us an interview to talk about his great influence in networks and his expectations as a Betic fan this year. The influencer par excellence of Betis Adrian Moreno is an influencer born in Sevillewhich dedicates a large part of its content to one of his passions, the … Read more