Griveaux case: Juan Branco escapes justice … but not Piotr Pavlenski or his companion

Return of a political scandal at the bar. Two Parisian investigating judges decided, Monday, September 5, to send the Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski and his partner Alexandra de Taddeo to correctional, according to AFP. They will appear before the Paris Criminal Court for “invasion of privacy”. Both are suspected of having broadcast videos of a … Read more

Juan Pablo Villalobos: “I see Twitter as a testing place”

Seeing himself in the mirror, the narrator realizes something that gives him a little modesty. “It was not so much the disproportionate volume that my hair acquired when it fluffed up due to the humidity of the approaching summer, but the length and deformity of the sideburns, which when I saw myself in the mirror … Read more

Juan Miguel Prado, the man who filmed militants from a terrace in front of Cristina’s house


After the rigorous draw, the complaint filed by the three legislators from the ruling bloc was filed in the federal court in charge of Maria Eugenia Capuchetti. Speaking to Radio 10, Leopoldo Moreau, referring to the events that occurred last Saturday in front of the Vice President’s house, pointed out that the opposition alliance Together … Read more

Juan Camilo Restrepo shared his photo in a “heroic” pose and teasing rained down on him


The mayor (e) of Medellín uploaded this photo to his Twitter account to show that he is at the forefront of the situation in the UdeA. It seems that the former commissioner for peace in Colombia and former mayor in charge of Medellín and Cúcuta, Juan Camilo Restrepo, is nostalgic for power or needed to … Read more