Chicken or egg first? The ancestral dilemma reinterpreted in a “love story” key :)

We have all wondered at least once about that paradigmatic evolutionary mystery that tries to understand if the chicken or the egg came first; an enigma that, wherever you try to solve it, always presents short-circuits and inconsistencies. A bit like the loveone could say, and in fact, in this short cartoon – a sweet … Read more

Checco Zalone, in the name the key to his success.

Pure comedy and a very rapid success: the phenomenon Checco Zalone, that boy who arrived from the province who routs everything with laughter. Politically incorrect, subversive and nonconformist, capable of bringing good humor and light-heartedness, but also of making one reflect on very complex and profound themes. An actor who was born on the small … Read more

The creators of ‘Elite’ reveal the key to success despite the fact that some actors want to leave

This Friday, November 18, the long-awaited premiere of the sixth season of ‘Elite’ will arrive on Netflix, a new installment “with a lot of intensity, a lot of pain, passion, entertainment… the usual for two”. That’s how emphatically he confesses it jamie cow in dialogue with Diario As, before, at his side, Carlos Montero unveil … Read more

Crypto: The key? Better coordination of regulators

The fall of FTX has raised many debates within the crypto community. While some prefer to criticize, others learn from it. Citadel CEO Ken Griffin falls into both categories. According to him, the collapse of FTX is an absolute travesty. But above all, he urges American crypto regulators to work together in order to carry … Read more

More than seven years after the death of Amadou Koumé during his arrest with a strangulation key in Paris, three police officers sentenced to 15 months suspended imprisonment for manslaughter

More than seven years after the death of Amadou Koumé during his arrest with a strangulation key in Paris, three police officers have been sentenced to fifteen months suspended imprisonment for manslaughter. The death of this 33-year-old father was recorded at the tenth arrondissement police station on the night of March 5 to 6, 2015, … Read more

Verdict of the trial of the attacks of November 13: the key moments of the 10 months of hearing

the essential The reading of the deliberations could begin “from 5:00 p.m.”, announced President Jean-Louis Périès late Monday morning, before the special assize court withdrew to deliberate in a secret location after 148 days of hearing. After 10 months of hearing, place to the verdict. At the November 13 trial, the court is due to … Read more

Behind the debate on the key rate, an Abdellatif Jouahri more legitimate than ever

Abdellatif Jouahri chairs, this Tuesday, June 21, the second Board of Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) of the year. A long-awaited Board which intervenes in a particular, even unprecedented context, with inflationary pressures that Morocco has not known for at least thirty years; a social context tight with the rise in prices and the fall in household … Read more

Kingston Digital launches its new encrypted USB key

Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP announces the release of its new encrypted USB flash drive, Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 50 (VP50), which is FIPS 197 certified and features 256-bit AES hardware encryption in XTS mode for data security. Kingston’s IronKey Vault Privacy 50 supports Admin, User, and one-time recovery passwords in both complex and passphrase … Read more