At the Comédie Française, a King Lear of the poor: a small show or the show of smallness?

Shakespeare, Cadiot, Ostermeier and Podalydès united for a King Lear of Comédie (French): the poster is too enticing not to be irresistible. Tickets are taken this summer for a show to be seen in the fall, a show that we imagine to be grandiose and extravagant. At the start of the school year, however, the … Read more

King Carlo “speaks” the Romagna dialect, and it is Parmiani

A series of videos in which Charles of England, while fulfilling his royal duties, “speaks” dubbed in the Romagna dialect … Gianni Parmiani, actor from Lugo much loved in Romagna and beyond, began making them for fun, shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent entry into office of Charles as King, while … Read more

10 Best Stephen King Cameos, From ‘IT’ to ‘Pet Sematary’


Stephen King is one of the few authors who transcends the written medium. With his name also synonymous with film and television, King is almost a genre itself. Creating some of the most popular horror stories of all time, from Carrie at whoseKing is one of the most respected people in the horror genre. RELATED: … Read more

“I have done nothing but steal”: The king of cash already has a song


The song El Rey del cash already has more than 100 thousand reproductions, it is dedicated to the president AMLO. After the divided opinions generated by the book the king of cash, the post already has a melodyit criticizes the work of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the actions of his brother Pío and also … Read more

The King sweeps on Netflix: WEEK spoke with Jaime Camil, the actor who plays Vicente Fernández


Vicente Fernández’s songs accompanied thousands of Colombians per year. Therefore, it is not surprising that the series that narrates his life is one of the most viewed, now that it was released on Netflix. After two days of the premiere on that platform, the production is ranked 4th among the most viewed productions on the … Read more

Who is who in the Netflix bioseries, The King: Vicente Fernández?


On September 14, one day before “Grito”, it premiered on Netflix the new series The King: Vicente Fernandez. This production, unlike the one directed by Juan Osorio for TelevisaYes, it is authorized by the singer’s family. The Serie used more than 380 locations in Mexico and the United Stateslike the house where Vicente lived as … Read more

Charles III: activist prince now king of silence?


King Charles III waves to the crowd, September 16, 2022 in Cardiff, Wales (POOL / Frank Augstein) Some had nicknamed him the activist prince. After having put on the heavy clothes of king, Charles III, so different from his mother Elizabeth II, must now embody an impartial and serene monarchy, whose every word and gesture … Read more

Brush with 2.5 cm of toothpaste and ironing of shoelaces: the signs of the apparent “manias” that King Carlos III would present


“I can’t stand this damn thing.” The anger shown on Tuesday by King Charles III at difficulties signing a document at a ceremony at Hillsborough Castle, problems with the ink in a fountain pen, and images of orders he gave to a task assistant that he himself could carry out brought to light signs of … Read more

John King, irresistible destroyer of a futuristic “perfidious Europe”


Between giga-parody of contemporary Europe and mega-nightmare of a dictatorial superpower Europe, “Anarchy in the USE” keeps a double promise. That of an insolent fiction, announced in France by its title Sex-Pistolien. And that of a virulent political pamphlet induced by the title of the original version of the book, lightning provocative shorthand, judge for … Read more