‘Those who hypocritically want the people to laugh again’

Our life in Argentina turned into chaos, a nightmare. The lack of security, the constant increase in prices, especially of food, the lack of work, many times because the way labor laws are managed today makes unscrupulous people take a job in a company and then, with the consent of Lawyers as unscrupulous as they … Read more

Angelo Pintus, we laugh with “Bau” at the Teatro Sociale


The comedian, imitator and stand-up comedian Angelo Pintus returns to Como with two reruns of his new show Bau, organized by MyNina Spettacoli, which will be held on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November on the stage of the Teatro Sociale. Gifted, since he was a child, with an exquisite comic verve, Pintus formed the … Read more

Joaquín Reyes: «I laugh a lot with the photo captions of ‘Hello’»

the comedian Joaquin Reyes (Albacete, 1974) is touring most theaters across the country “on the back of a sorrel pony” to delight his followers with “an amalgamation of nonsense” that he has prepared “with care”. His new monologue, Celebrate the joke, stops and eats at the Palma Auditorium Today Saturday at 9:00 p.m. to offer … Read more

El Privilegio de Mandar fulfills its function of making people laugh, says journalist Diego Elías Cedillo


“You took the night,” says José Luis Palacios to Lord Molécula The political agenda eats the program, says Saúl Santana By Carlos Pozos (Lord Molecule) Mexico City, Monday, September 26, 2022.- Journalists who analyzed the television program El Privilegio de Mandar, in its recent broadcast, recognize that it fulfills its function of making the public … Read more

“We have the right to laugh at everything provided we are respectful”: Max Marandet, a man from Champagne with a strong character


By Writing Voice of the Jura Published on 12 Sep 22 at 14:04 Voice of the Jura See my news Follow this media Max Marandet’s latest poster. (©Raymond Metra) Well wedged behind his glasses the man has frank speech and raw skin. With a smile on your face, the fifties asserts his convictions. What may … Read more

Back to school 2022: 10 comedy shows to laugh at


Christine Morency Photo courtesy, Georges Fok Grace After notable appearances in various galas, comedy evenings, TV shows and podcasts, Christine Morency is ready to take the plunge. In this first solo show, aptly titled Gracethe comedian delivers “a little embarrassing” personal anecdotes and asks himself questions on more committed subjects, such as body diversity and … Read more