“Ir Milione … a aveccelo”, at the Verdi Theater full of laughter in the Pisan vernacular

Armed with a single, great and common passion, these “amateurs” (but only in name) delighted the public with an exhilarating parody of the famous book that tells the adventures of the Venetian Marco Polo (played by Paolo Oliva) and his relatives. in the trip to China, then told to the Pisan Rustichello (to whom Miriano … Read more

The new season of the Colosseum: laughter and cabaret for 11 (unreleased) shows in Palermo

A rich calendar that alternates evenings based on comic comedies with cabaret shows to brighten the weekends of Palermo. The program of the shows Eleven unpublished shows starring laughter and humor. A rich program that alternates evenings based on comic comedies with cabaret shows to brighten the weekends of Palermo. Everything is ready for the … Read more

Tears of Laughter: Polymorphic humor festival in Épinal


September 20, 2022 by Francoise Fontanelle Saturday, October 8 at 8:30 p.m., Pasta with garlic, with Bruno Gaccio and Philippe Giancreco. © Aurore Vinot The expressions surrounding laughter are as numerous as laughter has facets. Yet what triggers it is up to each individual. Discreet “hihihi”, great outbursts, we don’t necessarily laugh at the same … Read more

Mornings and humor: the battle of laughter


The mornings are distinguished by a plurality of chronicles: news, economy, culture, well-being… And humor! This is not new, to wake up the listeners, the radios rely on comedians, who can lighten a sometimes heavy news and diversify the program schedule. In this fall 2022, the humorous offer is more bloated than ever. Even television … Read more

Totò, Peppino and … la dolce vita / The principles of laughter are back on Rete 4


Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita, a Rete 4 film directed by Sergio Corbucci Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita will be broadcast today, 10 September, starting at 4.50 pm on Rete 4. We are faced with a comic film produced in Italy in 1961 by Mario Mariani and Gianni Buffardi, directed by Sergio Corbucci. … Read more

Dominican theater: “Clú”, the art of easy laughter

Hell is full of good intentions. Common place to which we frequently resort, to deduce that something did not go quite right, no matter how much effort was put into it. Sometimes, using euphemisms so as not to seem too cruel saves us from many misunderstandings. Necessary preamble to comment on the staging of the … Read more

“He doesn’t see that I love him this son of…”: Camille Lellouche balances on the father of her baby in Marrakech laughter!


On July 19, a festive atmosphere invaded the antenna of M6. A live celebration to which viewers of the channel were also invited from their homes. What exactly were we celebrating? This is the anniversary of the Marrakech laughter festival presented by Jamel Debbouze! It is noted that this program has now reached its 10 … Read more

Comedians in the Loggia, the champions of laughter arrive in Treviso


The enchanted summer comes alive with the great Italian comedy. From 13 to 27 July (at 9 pm), thanks to the support of CentroMarca Banca under the Loggia dei Cavalieri, some of the greatest performers of laughter will perform under the artistic direction of Giovanna Donini and Andrea Midena, authors of successful … Read more

“To die of laughter”, “The best thing that exists”, “I’m crying”: the series Le Flambeau on Canal + delights Internet users

After the success of The flameJonathan Cohen’s parody series, is The torch who landed on Canal+. On social networks, Internet users have been more than conquered by this new season. The continuation under this advertisement In The flameJonathan Cohen’s series on Canal+, the personalities invited to the set participated in the development of a parody … Read more