Mediaset Infinity, the news of December 2022 in streaming: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary and DC League of Super

In December 2022 on Mediaset Infinity among the Premieres of Infinity + there will be Harry Potter 20th Anniversary and DC League of Super-Pets, many programs, series and dramas in free streaming. The month of December 2022 the platform Mediaset Infinity reiterates its vast offering of content in streamfrom free broadcasts to monthly subscription content, … Read more

Drawing Disney comics: interview with Carlo Lauro | Nerd League

Our interview with Carlo Lauro, Disney designer of Daisy and The Mysteries of Paris and Darkwing Duck, as well as co-creator of a duo of comic book alter egos. Anyone as an enthusiast or insider cannot fail to be fascinated by the world Disneyand the possibility of getting in touch with it in some way. … Read more

God of War Ragnarök: an official parody video with Ben Stiller, John Travolta and Lebron James | Nerd League

Ben Stiller as Kratos in the new God of War commercial Ragnarök, which also features John Travolta and Lebron James. Sony Interactive Entertainment presents an unreleased video of God of War Ragnarökthe long-awaited sequel to the Norse saga coming November 9 to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, in which Kratos and Atreus continue their journey … Read more

Battle Royale: life is a game, take part | Nerd League

Finally in Italy, with all the trappings, the cult film with Takeshi Kitano that marked the cinema of the 2000s. What makes a film a real “cult”? The definition varies, but what counts, we can say, is the influence and affection towards it by a sufficiently large niche of the public. Beyond the commercial success, … Read more

The Boys: the series parodies Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director answers them

Series The Boys is known for its bold diversions and his satires of other modern works related to Super-Heroes and their tropes. As the next season quickly lands on our screens, she had fun parody the immense scandal related to movies Justice League of Zack Snyder, who did not hesitate to answer. Explanation. The Boys … Read more

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, fans manipulated into asking for it?

The popular furore that spawned Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the event that gave fans back the Justice League as Snyder thought, may have been heavily manipulated, according to a document discussed by Rolling Stone. The release of Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguethe Director’s Cut of the film that Snyder had had to sell to Joss Whedon … Read more

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – At OM, Guendouzi has grown well

PSG-OM at the Parc des Princes on Sunday October 16. Paris leads 1-0 and OM, tactically muzzled, have a frustrating second half. But with a single goal difference, anything is possible. Until Samuel Gigot unpinned in the 72nd minute to snatch the ball with Neymar’s ankle on a poorly controlled tackle. Marquinhos throws himself on … Read more

Sarri: “Between the Champions League final and Paris

Interview with Rsi Sport. «They call me an integralist but I’m a quick-change player: I try to adapt my ideas to the players I have. Football needs to be saved by itself “ Udine 23/07/2020 – Serie A football championship / Udinese-Juventus / photo Image Sport in the photo: Maurizio Sarri Maurizio Sarri was interviewed … Read more

The Boys Do A Dig At Justice League Snyder Cut & Spider

While jokingly announcing a Dawn of the Seven re-release, The Boys’ Twitter account takes aim at the Snyder Cut re-release and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The boys’ Twitter account takes aim at the Synder Cut and Spider-Man: No Way Home re-release. Based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and … Read more

Haaland is a scoring machine in the Champions League, but Sevilla ridicule City: the embarrassing figure

At their Champions League debut, City mistreated Sevilla, with a wild Haaland (brace). But the Spanish club has taken a particular revenge, published some data that have put the British in the hat. Erling Haaland picked up where he left off with Dortmund colors: scoring. The Norwegian phenomenon continues to put together exceptional performances, maintaining … Read more