The invisible boy: all the things to learn so as not to see them again in our superhero cinema

Of the possibility of redemption The invisible boy it doesn’t even have one, let alone its sequel, even more sketchy and shabby. But in the cinema no silver lining. You can learn a lot even from failures, just do a reverse engineering job. Starting from the mistakes, identifying them, and putting them in a sandbox … Read more

Arthur Chevallier – What France could learn from Charles V

Ldoes France deserve its reputation? This country where insolence is not a joke, but a strategy, where betrayals pass for proof of our independence, which cultivates its loneliness without being isolated, generates its power from the satisfaction it derives from provoking stronger than him. This country, the only one in Europe with England, where the … Read more

Unity of the separatists, creation of a party, Convention of partners and upcoming discussions with the State: what we can learn from the interview with Charles Washetine, spokesperson for Palika

At the end of the Convention of the partners, in Paris, where the separatists were not present, Charles Washetine, spokesman of the Palika, speaks for the first time after the discussions, as a guest of Sunday on NC the 1st. With a speech rather open to discussions with the State. Steven Gnipate and Noémie Dutertre … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II: Movies and series to learn about the life of the UK monarch

The passing of the Queen isabel II from the United Kingdom at the age of 96 has caused a stir around the world; Hundreds of personalities from the artistic and sports world have offered their condolences to the royal family, and millions continue to mourn the tragic event. The life and long history of the … Read more