“Genuine Wind of Change”: New Diaspora Minister Halts Funding for Left

Jewish Link.- Amichai Chikli takes action and orders the immediate cessation of his predecessor’s multimillion-dollar contribution to a pro-Palestinian NGO, Ruthie Blum published in World Israel News. The swearing in on Thursday 37th government of Israel drew a collective sigh of relief among right-wing voters, for whom the nearly two full months it took for … Read more

Culture and entertainment: the big names who left us in 2022

The 2022 it’s been a year that mourned the death of many characters from the world of culture and entertainment. They moved, among others, the farewells to Peter Angelaatactress Angela Lansburyat the singer Olivia Newton Johnatactress Monica Vittiat the singer Catherine Spaakat the journalist Donatella Raffaito the journalist Eugenio Scalfari.But there are also other great … Read more

The “peace plan” of the German Left Party: imperialist warmongering under a pseudo

As NATO escalates its proxy war in Ukraine, Germany’s Left Party is desperately trying to portray itself as a party of ‘peace’ and ‘diplomacy’. On the weekend of December 17-18, the party’s executive committee passed a resolution titled “Stop Arms Deliveries – Disarmament Instead of Escalation.” This calls for “a prospect of negotiations” and “de-escalation … Read more

The best minds | It is not the right that is unpresentable, it is the left that is too ridiculous to move it from power

I have nothing against imbeciles: I have many imbecile friends. Imbeciles who pass for intelligent, moreover, since the average level is what it is, and if you have a degree the public thinks you are cultured (my grandmother thought so too, but my grandmother had a Padre Pio altar next to her bed: not he … Read more

The Comedy Group returns with “Don Ramón left us”

30|10|22 1:38 p.m. After two years, the Tres Arroyos Musical Theater and Comedy Group returns to the scene with a humorous one-act play “Don Ramón left us”, written and directed by Juan Carlos Caruso. Although these last two years were very hard for the group since, after frustrated attempts to hold classes through virtuality, there … Read more

the song that makes the left rage without having heard it

Ridiculous tantrum for a theme song that actually parodies the left At this point, no one hides that the left in general, and the Spanish in particular, has a serious problem with freedom of expression. ‘Soy comunista’: a great parody song by Los Meconios dedicated to Alberto Garzón‘Trolero’: Isaac Parejo’s summer song about the government’s … Read more

‘We have the best left’: Isabel González has an ear for middle

A Elizabeth Gonzalez (Zaragoza, 1972) is surrounded by a cult aura thanks, above all, to the collection of stories almost as wild (2012), which was already published then in this machine for consecrating authors of the genre that is Foam Pages. Now, we have the best confirms the greatest strengths of his talent: a very … Read more