Twitch: Amouranth speaks out and announces legal action

After Amouranth’s revelations about the domestic violence of which she was the victim, the young woman resumed speaking. A pioneer of hot tube and bikini lives on Twitch, streamer Amouranth has made herself known to the general public on several occasions for her temporary bans from the platform and its fabulous salaries. Behind the notoriety … Read more

Morbihan: a legal assistance dog to facilitate the hearings of minor victims

Created in February 2020, the Vannes Family Protection Unit (CPF) is made up of seven soldiers who take care of and support victims of VIF and acts of a sexual nature. In 2021, 443 victims were interviewed, including 337 minors. Indeed, the investigators of this unit are specialized in collecting the words of child victims. … Read more

Rugby. Azéma reacts to Lapandry’s legal attack against Clermont: “Alex is not selfish”

By Clement Mazella Published on 9 Dec 22 at 10:07 Rugby News See my news Follow this media Franck Azéma indicated that Alexandre Lapandry, his former player, “was not selfish”, he who has just filed 4 complaints against the ASM. (©Icon Sports) This week, the 3e international line, Alexandre Lapandrytook his player retirement. At the … Read more

A legal travesty: Federal judge sides with UAW apparatus, denies Will Lehman’s request to extend vote

For more information on Will Lehman’s campaign, visit U.S. District Court Judge David M. Lawson issued a ruling late Wednesday that dismisses a lawsuit filed by UAW union presidential candidate Will Lehman. Lehman was calling for a one-month extension of the UAW election period and other measures that seek to guarantee the right to … Read more

“Comedy is already legal on Twitter”: The social network suspends accounts for making fun of Elon Musk

Comedian Kathy Griffin, whose verified account had two million followers, was one of those suspended. Elon Musk, who has described himself as a “free speech absolutist,” tweeted on Sunday, November 6, that “Twitter users who impersonate others without clearly specifying that it is a parody will be permanently suspended.” The h3h3Productions account, which changed its … Read more

Gucci loses legal battle against parody fashion brand

At first glance, Gucci and Cuggl are far apart in terms of branding and copyright. The first, a world-renowned Italian luxury house, and the second, a small Japanese fashion start-up that parodies luxury houses. But the connection between the two is made when you see the logo of the second on the t-shirt of the … Read more

Una parodia de la justicia: Navalny y la cultura de la ‘maskirovka’ legal en Rusia

Durante la guerra en Ucrania, las instituciones judiciales rusas siguen funcionando como si no hubiera pasado nada. El 22 de marzo nos enteramos simultáneamente de la confirmación definitiva de la disolución de la ONG de derechos humanos Memorial y de la condena a Alexei Navalny, que ya llevaba dos años y medio de prisión desde … Read more