Review Youssef Salem is successful: lies of love

Youssef Salem is successful offers Ramzy Bedia one of his best roles, in addition to signing a new success for the duo Baya Kasmi & Michel Leclerc. Youssef Salem is successful follows very closely Tastes and colorsa previous collaboration between Baya Kasmi and Michel Leclerc, which already explored societal fractures and prejudices, this time around … Read more

On TV Tonight: ‘Everybody Lies’ and ‘Pupil’

Here is our selection of tv programs for this Sunday evening. Excerpt from the film “Pupil”. – Youtube screenshot By the editor Published on 08/28/2022 at 11:54 Reading time: 3 mins Everyone lies, at 8:55 p.m. on La Une Alice Mojodi, a prosecutor of barely 30 years old, “resulting from diversity”, forms with Malory and … Read more

Assault on the Capitol: the parliamentary inquiry reveals the “lies” hammered by Donald Trump on the 2020 election

Donald Trump denounced Monday, June 13 the “parody of justice” what constitutes the work of the parliamentary committee, with a majority Democrat, which accuses him of “coup attempt”in a 12-page statement where he further reiterates his false allegations of fraud regarding the 2020 election. “This comedy…is a brazen attempt to distract the public from the … Read more

Trump hammered home his ‘lies’ about 2020 election despite warnings from loyalists

The House Commission of Inquiry into the January 6, 2021 Assault on the US Capitol heard testimony from the former US President’s inner circle on Monday. His Justice Minister, a slew of advisers and even his own daughter… a parliamentary committee on Monday (June 13) provided a disturbing timeline of how Donald Trump tried to … Read more