Everything Everywhere All At Once | Life, the Multiverse and everything

ROME – Framed and hung on the wall of director Daniel Kwan’s office in Highland Park is a work: History of Rise and Fall by Japanese artist Ikeda Manabu. It is an elaborate pen drawing depicting a swirl of pagodas, gnarled cherry branches and railroad tracks: «They give me a headache to look at.” Kwan … Read more

Sophie de Goncourt: a life in pieces (of a puzzle)

Sophie de Goncourt is essential in the small world of competition puzzle. This enthusiast has literally let the puzzle guide her life. Just an adult, she entered a puzzle contest almost by chance, a contest she won hands down. And there is the revelation. “We don’t know we’re good until we win nothing“, she says … Read more

How comedy, laughter and humor can improve your life

Posted on January 16, 2023 – HAS + By Joshua Glawson. Laughter has amazing social and health benefits and can help improve memory capacity. The last few years have seen a revival of comedy, with dad jokes, stand-up comedy, skits and workplace humor. Although humor varies from culture to culture, making people laugh … Read more

Saint Etienne. Barbara Pravi at Words and Music: “Feminism has changed my life”

After 4 EPs, how did you envision the design of this first album? “Above all, I wanted to do something that looked like me. I think I was not mistaken because I never get bored on stage. After already more than 70 concerts, I don’t get tired of it at all, while I repeat the … Read more

End of life: enough of the “sacredness” of life! – Protestant looks

My anger rises at the reactions of religions and certain secular sectors on end-of-life issues! Protestant leaders take little distance in this regard: while recognizing the demands made within Protestantism and in society, the reservations expressed amount to a rapprochement with the opponents of the necessary changes. That there are arrangements to be made, framework … Read more

“I have 2 or 3 nervous breakdowns a week”: Elodie Gossuin opens up like never before on the reality of her daily life as a mother of 4 children

No, it’s not Wonder Woman! Crowned Miss France in 2000, Elodie Gossuin made a brilliant and varied reconversion. Today, the beauty queen is a television presenter in the M6 ​​group. She hosts musical bonuses there like during the holiday season on M6, or Long live the campsite and The favorite holidays of the French on … Read more

The farewell. Anna Marchesini, life as infinite parody

When it came to making people laugh, she spared no one, not even herself. And she threw herself headlong, with intelligence and irony, into the bewildered characters she played, alone or in the Trio with Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi: the “blind” Signorina Carlo, Sora Flora, the dry maid of the Montagnès, the sexologist Merope … Read more

Análisis de High on Life: Justin Roiland hace lo que le sale de las pistolas en el shooter más gamberro y surrealista del año

Que seas diferente no te hace original. Y, sin embargo, ¡cómo me he reido con el maldito High on Life! ¿Un shooter en el que las pistolas hablan? Definitivamente, mucho más. Si te gusta el humor crudo y ácido de Justin Roiland, en su odisea espacial vas a salir con los bolsillos llenos. A veces … Read more