The journalist Roberto Rondero likes the new season of El Privilegio de Mandar

“I would have liked it to be on open television”, “but it is not ruled out”, he confided He said that he sees a greater balance of forces and a good job of characterization and makeup. By Carlos Pozos (Lord Molecule) Mexico City, Monday, November 14, 2022.- Friends of Lord Molecula Oficial and of this … Read more

Jorge Benavides assures that Magaly Medina is happy with her imitation of ‘Mascaly’: “She likes it a lot”

Jorge Benavides considers that he is the only one authorized to imitate Magaly Medina. (Photo: Capture) Jorge Benavidez he has performed hundreds of impressions throughout his extensive career as a comedian. Among the most remembered and popular is “mascaly”, a character who parodies the driver Magaly Medina from several years ago. During an interview with … Read more

1 million likes on FB, does not read and inquires on Youtube and Wikipedia: the portrait of Cartoni Morti

The digital revolution told by the Venetian Andrea Lorenzon, aka Cartoni Morti, to the microphones of the podcast of the ReputationUP Observatory Milan, June 30, 2022. Andrea Lorenzon, aka Dead Cartoonsthe cartoonist from Treviso from 1 million likes on Facebook he talks to the microphones ofReputationUp Observatory conducted by the journalist Elia Cavarzan. The man … Read more