Comparative literature and possible texts (Antwerp)

“Comparative Literature and Possible Texts” within the framework of the Francqui Chair (Prof. William Marx), Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Antwerp. University of Antwerp, Belgium December 1-2, 2022 The starting point is that the “comparative scientist”, even if he does not always say it in these terms, even if he prefers … Read more

Over 200 events for the 2022 edition of the Literature Festival (Fla) which celebrates its twentieth anniversary [FOTO

Beyond 200 events in 4 days for the 2022 edition of Flathe Literature Festival and other things that this year celebrates its twenty years. An important milestone for an initiative that has now become a fixed and important appointment for the cultural world of Pescara, which over the years has seen its importance grow even … Read more

Nobel Prize in Literature: Annie Ernaux in five books


HEight years after Patrick Modiano, a French writer is once again honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature. In this case, a writer… since it is Annie Ernaux. This is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the work of this singular novelist, whom the Nobel Academy stressed was “marked by social, gender and class injustices”. … Read more

Writers who marked Mexican literature in the 20th century


Mexican literature is often referred to as one of the most influential and important in the Spanish-speaking world. Due to its long history, it has gradually become a reference for various literary genres around the world. The most famous Mexican authors succeeded in reflecting the realities of their time: economic inequalities, political and cultural revolutions … Read more

Javier Marías: the essential books of the Madrid academic, a reference in Spanish literature


The Madrid-born author, who died on September 11 at the age of 70, is a key figure and a benchmark in Spanish-language literature. We collect the essential books of him. The last ten months have been marked by great losses in Spanish literature. Almudena Grandes left us orphans in November 2021 after she died at … Read more

Great classics of literature to celebrate Pride Day


For some years now, June 28 has been reserved on the calendar to celebrate Pride Day. This holiday, whose purpose is none other, as the word says, than to reaffirm the feeling of pride regarding sexual and gender identities and orientations, chose this date in commemoration of the Stonewall riots of 1969, considered the first … Read more