‘Memory’: between loss of memory and thirst for justice

With Memory, distributed by Bim Distributionthe New Zealand director Martin Campbell packs a well-made action thriller, in which the pace is always kept at a good level, despite some flaws related, above all, to the script of Dario Scardapane not always up to par. Memory: the plot Alexis Lewis (Liam Neeson) is a killer now … Read more

Les Apprentis Aventuriers: Paga talks about Giu’s big weight loss!

In an interview with Purepeople, Paga confided in the incredible weight loss of Giuseppa in the Apprentis Aventuriers! Apprentis Aventuriers fans have been following the adventures of many candidates for several weeks now. For his part, Paga mentioned the Giuseppa. A very difficult adventure for Giuseppa in Les Apprentis Aventuriers During Les Apprentis Aventuriers, fans … Read more