The patffio, the review: a ragged and gaunt Middle Ages tells a lot about our present

The review of Il pataffio, a choral comedy by Francesco Lagi with Valerio Mastandrea, Lino Musella and Alessandro Gassman, premiered at Locarno 2022 and in cinemas from 18 August. Il Pataffio: Lino Musella in a photo One laughs bitterly with the Middle Ages by Francesco Lagi, as ours underlines review of Il pataffio, one of … Read more

Joaquín Reyes: «Celebrating the Festival of Letters for more than 70 years says a lot about Tomelloso»

On August 30, Joaquín Reyes will go on stage at the Marcelo Grande de Tomelloso. And he will not do it with his show, as our readers know, the man from La Mancha is going to be the Maintainer of the LXXI Festival of Arts and Letters of Tomelloso. When he announced the appointment, the … Read more

Jorge Benavides assures that Magaly Medina is happy with her imitation of ‘Mascaly’: “She likes it a lot”


Jorge Benavides considers that he is the only one authorized to imitate Magaly Medina. (Photo: Capture) Jorge Benavidez he has performed hundreds of impressions throughout his extensive career as a comedian. Among the most remembered and popular is “mascaly”, a character who parodies the driver Magaly Medina from several years ago. During an interview with … Read more

This summer, L’Opéra Éclaté returns to the Lot to “bring joy” to the public!


By Marc Louison Published on 5 Jul 22 at 7:32 Lot news See my news Follow this media Olivier Desbordes, from the Opéra Éclaté will present his new show “Music-hall burlesque! on Friday July 29, 2022 at Gramat. (©Opera Exploded) “There is joy in songs! » is the new summer event in the Batch. The … Read more

Mel Brooks, the most important films and a lot of irony


The career of Mel Brookstoday almost centenary, it is articulated above all through three decades: the 70’s, ’80 And ’90. Actor, director, screenwriter, author, voice actor, he asserts himself as a well-rounded artist in the difficult world of cinematographic comedy. Today we discover which are the greatest works of him, to tell the truth already … Read more

Personality Test: What You See In This Photo Says A Lot About Your Emotions


Before doing this personality test, it’s not easy to describe yourself to a stranger. By making him read the verdict, everything becomes clear! An amazing personality test! At the house of Objeko, we usually select this kind of picture for you. Called personality test, this process allows us to learn more about ourselves than during … Read more

Everything we know about the huge orgy of ‘The Boys’: The giant penis, traumatized people, lubricant and a lot of controversial sex


The season 3 episode titled ‘Herogasm’ (3×06) premieres on Prime Video on June 24. season 3 of TheBoys It’s already being the focus of conversation for its first four episodes, especially with that sex scene in which a superhero dwarfs himself and enters another guy’s rectum, ending up accidentally sneezing and killing him when he … Read more