Juan Soto Ivars: “I think out loud and there are people who pay me for it; I have tremendous luck”

ALICANTE. “Digitalization makes all opinions visible and we can’t stand it; all the new censorship is born from there,” says the journalist and writer John Soto Ivars (Águilas, Murcia, 1985), who participated this Friday in the ComunicALC conference on new formats and languages ​​of cultural communication, project that, in its second edition, has dealt with … Read more

Review of El Cabronazo 1 – Freaking out in Colors. The World’s Grossest Spy Will Make Us Laugh Out Loud

Panini publishes in Spain the bastardthe last work of Rick Remender, one of the great screenwriters of today. So much so that he can afford to stop working for the big publishers and focus on his independent creations, published in Giant Generatoryour own stamp inside picture. Dark Science, Lethal Class, Low or Death or Glory … Read more