Mister V, the famous youtubeur, becoming a star in the United States? Americans love it!

news culture Mister V, the famous youtubeur, becoming a star in the United States? Americans love it! Published on 01/23/2023 at 15:27 To share : After almost a year without posting videos on the YouTube platform, Yvick Letexier, better known under the pseudonym of Mister V, resumed his activities to the delight of his six … Read more

Review Youssef Salem is successful: lies of love

Youssef Salem is successful offers Ramzy Bedia one of his best roles, in addition to signing a new success for the duo Baya Kasmi & Michel Leclerc. Youssef Salem is successful follows very closely Tastes and colorsa previous collaboration between Baya Kasmi and Michel Leclerc, which already explored societal fractures and prejudices, this time around … Read more

How did the love story between Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez begin and why did they end? | The popular

In the last hours the name of Jorge Salinas has been the covers of different communication portals, since although all the mexican show business and international media thought that the actor had a stable and solid relationship with the also renowned actress elizabeth alvarezsome compromising images of Salinas with his a young woman, who is … Read more

Pampering on Instagram for Can Yaman (video) | it’s love

Harry of England – Source Ansa Photo The autobiography of Harry of England has been constantly on everyone’s lips since it came out. In addition to having achieved dizzying numbers in sales all over the world, Spare – The minor inside it has some burning revelations to say the least. The book Spare – The … Read more

‘Christ and the King’: the story of love and mistreatment between the tamer and the muse of uncovering

The life of Barbara Rey It has run between the first works in the cinema of the uncovering of a post-Franco Spain that began to shake off the taboos to her career as a feather and sequin starlet to end up being co-owner of a circus after crossing paths in her life angel christthe owner … Read more

Criticism of The Book of Love: The telenovela that wants to be a feminist

The reviews of Laura Zurita:the book of love The novel by the young English writer Henry Cooper is a true sales failure. But when his book becomes a sleeper hit in Mexico, his publicist urges him to travel there for a promotional tour. Upon arrival, he discovers the reason for the popularity of his novel: … Read more

Chicken or egg first? The ancestral dilemma reinterpreted in a “love story” key :)

We have all wondered at least once about that paradigmatic evolutionary mystery that tries to understand if the chicken or the egg came first; an enigma that, wherever you try to solve it, always presents short-circuits and inconsistencies. A bit like the loveone could say, and in fact, in this short cartoon – a sweet … Read more

“I don’t look funny but people give me a lot of love”

María Foscaldo, “freelance” journalist elevated in a matter of weeks to queen of Tik Tok. A woman from Vilagarcía who lives in Vilagarcía, who in recent months has become super famous with a character, María Virtudes “La Repunante”, created to be disliked and who has achieved the opposite. How did you come up with the … Read more

All things work together for good to those who love God…For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be like the image of his Son. Romans 8:28, 29

Share on networks: January 6, 2023Aloys Evina We know, moreover, that all things work together for the good of those who love God, of those who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be like the image of his Son, that his Son might be the firstborn … Read more

“In 2023, I wish you to love me”: “Blast” parodies Emmanuel Macron and launches his “Project M” inspired by the “Guignols”

Ludovic Galtier, Puremediapublished on January 1, 2023 Denis Robert, founder of the independent news site “Blast”, and Bruno Gaccio, former author of the hit show, worked for months on the return of the cult satirical program. The “Project M” is launched. On December 30, “Blast” posted the first sequence of its new version of “Guignols … Read more