A study examines the effects of sexually oriented song lyrics on teenage sexting behavior.

A news Computers in human behavior This paper analyzes the longitudinal and cross-sectional impact of sexting and sexually objectifying music lyrics on text-sexting behaviors among adolescents. Study : Associations between sexual music lyrics and sexting in adolescence. Image credit: Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com The hypersexual nature of music Dangerous and unrealistic sexual messages are commonly … Read more

Saulnois. “Don’t forget the lyrics”: nine maestros at Château

Who follows Nagui’s show Do not forget the lyrics (NOPLP for friends), on France 2, knows the famous maestros. These are the candidates who have accumulated the victories in this TV game whose principle is to find the lyrics of songs with holes, while singing them. Since 2007 and the start of the show, several … Read more

Alessandra (Don’t forget the lyrics) furax, she smashes those who judge her!


In the columns of Tele-Leisure, Alessandra reviews everything. His method, his kitty, his enemies and his friends. Ouch, it stings! Alessandra swings heavy! Among all the heroes of Do not forget the lyrics, Alessandra stands out. Indeed, the young Belgian won more than 200,000 euros in record time. Without going into scientific calculations without much … Read more

Don’t forget the lyrics: Kristofer freewheeling, the maestro sets the stage on fire, unprecedented!


Between Kristofer and Nagui, it’s a beautiful friendship… but with some twists and turns. As proof, this sequence may shock you! Kristofer, the king of don’t forget the lyrics! When he landed on the set of Do not forget the lyrics, viewers quickly realized that Kristofer was an alien. Radiant, he undertakes to stage each … Read more

The original lyrics and the French translation of Jingle Bells!


Where does the Jingle Bells Christmas carol come from? Jingle Bells is of American origin and was written by pastor James Lord Pierpont who released the song as “One Horse Open Sleigh” in 1857. It’s only by 1948 (i.e. almost a century later!) that Francis Blanche adapted Jingle Bells under the title of “Vive le … Read more

Don’t forget the lyrics: a famous Maestro announces her definitive departure from the program


A great Maestro from Don’t forget the lyrics has just announced his departure without fanfare or trumpet. Coralie has indeed taken everyone by surprise by leaving the show and the tournaments orchestrated by Nagui. Explanations. If you were in front Do not forget the lyrics in 2019, you most certainly remember getting to know a … Read more

Beyoncé Forced To Change One Of Her Song Lyrics After Being Slammed For ‘Discriminatory Language’


Beyonce is to update the lyrics to her song “Heated” following complaints of “discriminatory language” — the same language Lizzo used months before. A few days after the launch of her long-awaited latest album, Renaissance, Beyoncé will have to change the lyrics of one of her songs, “Heated”. The change follows criticism from disability rights … Read more

The 18th brumario of Luis Echeverría | Free lyrics

On the 18th day of the brume month of the year VIII of the new calendar established by the Revolution (November 9, 1799), the young revolutionary general Napoleon Bonaparte comes to power through a coup d’état. Shortly after, he is named consul for life and then emperor. Everything, naturally, by the will of the people, … Read more