Troll accounts that pose as profiles of “socialists, “Podemos” and “feminists” to manipulate public discourse ·

Resources used Own production material B.They seek to manipulate public discourse and misinform. They are troll accounts that pose as “feminist” or “anti-fascist” profiles, and some even claim to belong to certain parties or hold public positions that sometimes do not exist. These profiles mix political content with other more grotesque to discredit them, a … Read more

How the troll accounts have been used to affirm that people from other communities attended the demonstration for public health in Madrid with the transfer and the subsistence paid

Resources used reverse google search Google search The demonstration for public health in the Community of Madrid, which was held on Sunday, November 13 in the capital, has caused a series of troll or parody accounts that circulate on Twitter to publish disinformation about the call. These profiles ensure that from the PSOE attendees from … Read more

No, this promotion of gift bags from a Facebook page called “Alcampo Fans” is not real ·


An alleged promotion of a Facebook page called ‘Alcampo Fans‘, for which they send a gift bag on the occasion of their 51 years. But it’s a scam: The page is not related to Alcampo, and these contents ask us to fill out a form to keep our data. A Facebook page unrelated to Alcampo … Read more

False statements attributed to politicians to attack the feminist movement


Resources used Own production material Statements erroneously attributed to public figures, including politicians, are often disseminated and viralized. It is not uncommon to find manipulated or taken out of context statements that are shared on social networks as true without being so. That Ada Colau has said that “implementing a male curfew at night can … Read more

No, Ada Colau has not said that “implementing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona” ·


Categories Resources used Reverse Google Search Google search Observation In the last hours it has gone viral a social media post in which some alleged statements by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, are collected, assuring that “imposing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona”. But it’s a hoax: The account that … Read more

No, the company Mattel has not designed and put up for sale a ‘pregnant’ Ken doll


Categories Resources used Reverse Google Search Observation Official sources (communiqués, databases, BOE) With statements such as “this normality is abnormal” or “how far are we going to go” it spreads on social networks such as Facebook Y Twitter and in websites a video in which you can see a “pregnant” Ken doll. The recording is … Read more

The hoax that ensures that Brigitte Macron has undergone ’emergency prostate surgery’ ·


It is going viral both on social networks and on Twitter Y Facebook like in blogging Y websites a screenshot that ensures that Brigitte Macron, the wife of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has undergone “urgent prostate surgery”. This image is shared with statements indicating that the first lady “is a travelo” or “is … Read more