At the Adar de Flandre Maritime, we are overturning management codes

The association won an award for well-being at work yesterday, for the “Peps” project. It allows its home helpers to organize themselves in almost complete autonomy. This French project, anchored in the care sector, is itself inspired by a Dutch initiative (Buurtzog). It is likely to inspire our readers in the digital ecosystem, who are … Read more

The particularities of water management in a metropolis: Bordeaux or the “cooperative metropolis”

The question of water, a story of political and technical cooperation Until 1945, the Girondin supply of drinking water was ensured from surface resources. The Bordeaux conurbation was then subject to recurrent water shortages which lead him to look for water ever further from his walls. As soon as the war ended, a new model … Read more

Chad: Chadians inside and outside protest against “the poor management of the transition”


After having decried the situation of advanced disintegration in Chad, marked for many years by massive violations of the rights of citizens, poor governance and predations of all kinds which undermine its development, as evidenced by numerous indicators which put the country at the bottom of the international rankings, the coup d’etat perpetrated in April … Read more

Hervé Mariton: “Water management in times of drought illustrates the French evil”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – While a major drought hits France, the mayor of Crest (Drôme), a former minister, considers water management too state-controlled and uniform in the face of the variety of local situations, and influenced by ideological drifts. Hervé Mariton is a former overseas minister and LR mayor of Crest. The summer is very dry. Water … Read more

Investigation. At the V. Hugo high school in Marseille, the management goes after the staff who denounce racism


For months, tension has been mounting at the Victor Hugo high school in Marseille. While high school girls denounce discrimination, racist and sexist remarks and humiliation within the establishment, the school life team which reported such facts is repressed by the establishment. Harassment from some staff, pressure and humiliation by management: today there are three … Read more

Covid management: “The court decision confirms what we noted in our report”


“Masks are not necessary for everyone. This sentence formulated by the former government spokesperson, Sibeth Ndiaye, on March 20, 2020 marked the beginning of the health crisis and certainly weakened the credibility of the government’s word. Two years later, the administrative court of Paris judges the State at fault in the communication of the government … Read more

Insufficient stocks of masks, misleading communication: administrative justice castigates the “mistakes” of the State in the management of Covid


A man enters a supermarket where a sign informs of the shortage of masks, in Pérols (Hérault), in May 2020. PASCAL GUYOT / AFP Curled for his “unpreparedness” by a parliamentary commission of inquiry in December 2021, the executive is this time called into question by the courts for its management of the first months … Read more