Juan Manuel Gil, novelist: “There is a mistaken pomposity around the figure of writers”

Two years ago, Juan Manuel Gil received a call from a very long number. He doubted whether to take it or not, but in the end he did and there, on the other side, they told him that Clean wheat had been done with Brief Library Award 2021, which is awarded annually by the Seix … Read more

José Manuel Soto will give a concert in Algeciras as part of the autumn cultural program

The City Council of Algeciras has presented this Tuesday the programming of Algeciras in Autumn 2022which will include theatrical performances, films, monologues, photographic exhibitions, the presentation of a book, a meeting between poets and a concert by Jose Manuel Soto on December 17. Activities can be enjoyed from September 30, until January 7. Landaluce explained … Read more

The Privilege of Mandar” returns with “Andrés Manuel

MEXICO CITY, August 2 (EL UNIVERSAL).- With a retirement in 2024 of “Andrés Manuel” and “Beatriz” at the La Chingada ranch, this Monday the new season of “El Privilegio de Mandar” began, a parody of the current Mexican politics. Already installed in Tabasco, “Beatriz” and “Andrés Manuel” talked about “the covered ones” and how they … Read more

Reborn, the film about Manuel Bortuzzo tonight on Rai 1

In prime time tonight 8 May the long-awaited television film Rebirth dedicated to the incredible story of Manuel Bortuzzo, the swimming talent competing for the Olympics in a wheelchair after being hit by a bullet for mistaken identity. At 2 am on February 2, 2019 the life of Manuel Bortuzzo, a young great promise of … Read more

Everything at once everywhere | Around the day in 80,000 worlds, by Manuel Arias Maldonado

An unusual film has arrived on Spanish billboards, after an unexpected journey that has gone from marginality relative to international premiere: it’s called All at once everywhere —faithful translation of its original title— and in it its two creators, Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, have managed to square the circle. Or, at least, a circle: … Read more