¿Cómo es la novela policial argentina? Ingredientes autóctonos del género al que Borges le marcó la cancha

Jorge Luis Borges, el hombre que puso a la literatura policial entre la parodia y la “literatura seria”. Aunque hay antecedentes de detectives rurales, Rodolfo Walsh señala a Seis problemas para don Isidro Parodi, firmado por Honorio Bustos Domecq, seudónimo que enmascara a Borges y Bioy, como el inicio del género policial en la Argentina. … Read more

Interview with Marco Bonadei: “Thanks to the film “Diabolik 2 – Ginko on the attack!” I got back to the world of comics”

“My character looks like something out of a movie with Tomas Milian and it was a lot of fun playing him.” A transversal and very talented actor, Marco Bonadei took part in the second chapter of the trilogy, based on the comic book by the Giussani sisters, “Diabolik 2 – Ginko all’attacca”, directed by Marco … Read more

Marco Damilano is a problem, Rai employees: “They ask us for sacrifices, then they pay an outsider”


The arrival on Rai3 of the former director of L’Espresso stirs the first controversies of internal journalists, who protest against the CEO Carlo Fuortes. Marco Damilano in Rai is already discussing. It’s only been a few hours sinceannouncement of the arrival of the former director of L’Espresso on Rai3 with a daily strip from next … Read more

Big Brother Vip October 20 live: the return of Marco Bellavia, eliminated Cristina Quaranta


At 9.45 pm the episode of the Big Brother Vip hosted by Alfonso Signorini on October 20 will be broadcast on Canale 5. Tonight, Thursday 20 October, it airs at 9.45pm on Channel 5 the new episode of Big Brother Vip. The reality show is conducted by Alfonso Signoriniflanked by commentators Orietta Berti And Sonia … Read more

The ‘Gobernathor’ is a great farce: Marco Polo, actor


When the pandemic drives an actor into lockdown, possibilities arise. It led Marco Polo, an actor in the dramatic genre for 20 years, to create the character of “Gobernathor”, a junior politician in Nuevo León who is surprised by poverty and the problems in your state. One day, on social networks, someone made a meme … Read more

Eventi 14 ottobre a Bologna e dintorni: Marco Mengoni in concerto, Vie festival, il libro di Pagliuca


MUSICA NostromoDopo il primo disco “Minuetto”, il cantautore Nicolò Santarelli (in arte Nostromo) è tornato sulle scene lo scorso maggio con l’ep “Canzoni per gusto, canzoni per fame”, manifesto primaverile e di nuova ricerca musicale. Questa sera il cantautore si esibirà sul palco del Covo. Covo Club, viale Zagabria 1, ore 22, ingresso 7 euro … Read more

William Klein chic and shock photographer of Marco Belpoliti


There are three great masters of what has been called Street photography: Walker Evans (1903-1975), Robert Frank (1924-2019) and William Klein (1928-2022). The first was an aspiring writer then turned to photography; the second a fashion photographer – he left three years ago -; the third, Klein, left us the other day: he was a … Read more

The woman for me: Marco Martani returns to directing with a rom


The film directed by the screenwriter of films such as Males against Females, The Mafia kills only in the summer and If God wants, arrives on Sky Cinema and streaming on NOW on 23 May. In the cast Andrea Arcangeli and Alessandra Mastronardi, but also Stefano Fresi, Cristiano Caccamo, Eduardo Scarpetta and Francesco Gabbani, in … Read more

La nuova carne di Clive Barker di Marco Malvestio


Durante il primo lockdown, nell’aprile 2020, ho fatto una cosa che non avrei dovuto fare: sono andato da un amico e ci siamo fatti una maratona di tutti i film di Hellraiser, la saga horror incentrata sulle malefatte di Pinhead e dei suoi Cenobiti, demoni sadomaso da un’altra dimensione, e su tutta la banda di … Read more

Millions of laughs with Marco Polo in the Pavilion M Auditorium!


Marco Polo appeared last night at the Pavilion M Auditorium, bringing an avalanche of laughter and good humor. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, whether it’s from internet videos, stand up, goofy movies, or a stand-up comedian with amazing characters. And yesterday Marco Polo proved to be one of the most creative and incredible comedians in … Read more