Marina Abramovic, star performer, saint and martyr, in two documentaries, on Netflix and

Artist Marina Abramovic (left) at the opening night of the exhibition ‘Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present’ at the Museum of Modern Art in New York on March 9, 2010. ANDREW H. WALKER/GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP NETFLIX-ARTE.TV – ON DEMAND – DOCUMENTARIES We no longer present Marina Abramović (born in 1946), no more than we … Read more

Calle Marina de Santurce will now bear the name of Otilio Warrington “Bizcocho”

Mayor Miguel Romero made the announcement tonight on Telemundo’s ‘Raymond y sus Amigos’ program, where the comedian was honored in recognition of his career. Otilio Warrington “Bizcocho” was recognized tonight for his 55 years of artistic career. Photo: Provided / Municipality of San Juan The mayor of San Juan, Miguel A. Romero Lugo, signed a … Read more

The best films of Marina Foïs

Discovered as a member of Les Robins des Bois, Marina Foïs has gradually become an indispensable actress, alternating without any difficulty unbridled comedies and absolute dramas. Like these two films coming out on DVD these days: the oppressive thriller As Bestas and the horrifying farce The Year of the Shark. The infernal Montparnasse Tower (2001) … Read more

Wife of Sandro Giacobbe, who is Marina Peroni

Wife of Sandro Giacobbe. Marina Peroni is the wife of Sandro Giacobbe, she is 45 years old and she is also a singer-songwriter. Wife of Sandro Giacobbe The singer-songwriter Sandro Giacobbe is married to Marina Peroni, a singer who was his backing vocalist and with whom he has been together for about 13 years. There … Read more

Christian Lawyers collects signatures to close the program of Héctor de Miguel and Marina Lobo

Christian Lawyers has launched a campaign to collect signatures aimed at closing the program of Héctor de Miguel and the journalist Marina Lobo on SER, Hora Veintipico. These disagree in the ways of the presenter who stated in one of his programs that «the Valley of the Fallen is a fucking shit. Why don’t we … Read more