When Himmler was in Spain and met… the Gilda sisters and the Marx brothers?

We all know that on October 23, 1940 Franco met Hitler in Hendaye in a crucial meeting for the history of Spain and Europe. What is not so well known is that, on the same day, the head of the German SS, the terrible Heinrich Himmler, visited Spain with a very special mission. A historical … Read more

Zeppo Marx n’a jamais vraiment trouvé sa place au sein des Marx Brothers

Quand cela vient à Zeppo Marx, les cinéphiles demandent depuis des décennies… est-il possible d’être la troisième roue d’une équipe de quatre ? Le plus jeune des Marx Frères apparaît dans leurs cinq premières images et avait déjà été présent dans leurs pièces de théâtre de vaudeville et de Broadway. Alors que Groucho craqué sage et … Read more

Between Karl Marx and Groucho Marx

There is nothing more pathetic than someone talking about what they don’t know, but pretending to project themselves as an expert on the subject. This government intends to project itself as leftist, without being so. The flag of the left, -assumed with vocation, consistency and responsibility-, is very respectable, as it speaks of social sensitivity, … Read more

Groucho Marx, the comedian who struck down toxic masculinity

Choose the best movie marx brothers It’s like playing an infallible lottery, no matter what number you play, the more likely it is that you hit. Perhaps the roundest is A Night at the Opera (1935), in which that sequence of the overflowing cabin on the ship has become a universal expression to say that … Read more