Pedro Castillo: “The Word of a Master”

Beyond communism and Latin American populism, North Korea or Algeria, the Moroccan nature of the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom is historically and legally indisputable. Latin American populists confuse ideology and international law. Thereby, while Peru’s foreign minister affirmed respect for Morocco’s territorial integrity, its president has now discredited him. And on September 8, Minister … Read more

Evening of honor for the master Ugo Ciarfeo

Evening of honor for Ugo Ciarfeo URURI. A riot in the evening of honor for the director Ugo Ciarfeo organized in the country that gave him birth. A well-structured show full of anecdotes, memories and peculiarities related to the life of the great artist put on “stage” to celebrate his 90th birthday on January 12th. … Read more

The Boys: Herogasm episode scene is inspired by the documentary My Master the Octopus | tomatoes


From the source material, i.e. the comics created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, TheBoys It has been a quite controversial product due to its content that, despite being developed within the world of superheroes, touches on strong themes and has moments that one would never imagine seeing within these contexts. It is true that … Read more

Viralize “Darlos Millónz”, parody of the “Master” who gives MKTG lessons

Darlos Millónz is a parody of the “Master” Carlos Muñoz created some time ago by the comedian Lord Marcopolo. His show has recently gone viral because Carlos Muñoz recently announced his retirement from “business coaching.” Business coaching and life coaching are two trends that have become quite popular in recent years. The well-known influencer, Carlos … Read more

The Cinghios debut with their first reality show: a hilarious parody of Master chef |

COSENZA – A hilarious chat with Valentino dei Cinghiosa comedy that comes immediately, in view of the release of their first reality show, Master Cinghios, a parody of the famous international culinary art program, Master Chef. Debut on 24 February on the group’s social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok. A production by Ivan Greco … Read more