Guérande: the towel still burns between the opposition and the mayor

Through Cathy Ryo Published on 27 Jan 23 at 16:24 The Echo of the Peninsula See my news Follow this media In September 2022, minority groups had already in unison expressed their anger at Mayor Nicolas Criaud ©Cathy Ryo In September 2022, groups ofopposition from the municipal council of Guérande (Loire-Atlantique) pushed a rant against … Read more

Surfside mayor orders police to investigate parody email criticizing him

SURFSIDE, Fla. – An email parody circulating Surfside has become the talk of the town. The parody was sent to Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzinger’s email list. Residents who receive the email that begins by saying: “Dear loyal subjects, This new year is truly glorious. After months of silencing both the most outspoken residents and staff … Read more

Caltanissetta, Mayor Gambino’s 2022 budget: “8 million for the Xirbi exhibition center, strategic development of the city. On social media, serial haters”

CALTANISSETTA – He spoke non-stop for over an hour, touching on various topics, alternating smiles, emotion, pride, satisfaction, disappointment. A raging river even though she started by saying “I have written in ink on these papers some of the things we have done. Not all . Because when you do things then you have to … Read more

Paolo Galletti, from the ECO association, writes an open letter to Mayor Davide Ranalli on the cinema crisis in Lugo

“Leave the house in a hurry: there’s a good movie waiting for you!” This is the title that Paolo Galletti, of the ECO association, gave to his open letter to the Mayor of Lugo, Davide Ranalli. Galletti writes: “Until a few years ago, Lugo was a small capital of cinema. One of the last films … Read more

Open letter to the Mayor of Lugo Davide Ranalli: Leave the house in a hurry: there is a good film waiting for you!

“Until a few years ago Lugo was a small capital of cinema. One of the last films with an overflowing room that we were lucky enough to see was “The Lord of the Rings” at the Giardino cinema. Which with the Astra cinema, the Venturini, the San Rocco and the Dorias (albeit only slightly in … Read more

Turkish justice tries to dismiss the mayor of Istanbul before the elections

The mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, a figure of the Turkish opposition, was sentenced on Wednesday to more than two years in prison for “insulting officials” and to the same period of ban on political office, six months in prison. crucial elections in Turkey. Two years, seven months and fifteen days in prison. Istanbul Mayor … Read more

Child pornography: the mayor of Echenon will not resign before his trial

Friday, November 25, the municipal council of Echenon informed its inhabitants that its mayor Dominique Lott intended to remain in office until his trial for “dissemination, possession and acquisition of the image of a minor representing a pornographic character”, yet scheduled for April 2023. As a reminder, ten days ago, the échonenais city councilor was … Read more

Turtleneck case: The Mayor deplores a “vain controversy”

In a long text published on his Facebook account, the Minister of the Economy returns to the many reactions aroused by his comments on the turtleneck. By The Minister of the Economy spoke this Saturday on a controversy that he considers sterile. © Grégory YETCHMENIZA / MAXPPP / PHOTOPQR/LE DAUPHINE/MAXPPP Published on 08/10/2022 at … Read more

“The Comptroller’s Office is not God”: Mayor of La Pintana for ruling on her participation in the Approval campaign

08 Aug 2022 – 7:41 p.m. What happened? in conversation with mega-plusthe mayor of La Pintana, Claudia Pizarroreferred to the Comptroller’s opinion on his participation in the Approval Campaign for the exit plebiscite on September 4. The authority assured that the resolution restricts its freedom of expression and that he sent his claims to the … Read more