Trademark protection and the principle of secondary meaning

The brand name, you know, is a visiting card for the company and its products. The brand should be able to create, in the consumer’s mind, that unique link between distinctive sign, producer and product; that is, it should be capable, once pronounced, of evoking the image (so to speak) of a product and that … Read more

Joker: analysis and meaning of the character of Joaquin Phoenix

This article reveals important elements of the plot and explanation of Joker by Todd Phillips, revealing its meaning, the events and the best perspectives to appreciate its merits. He therefore suggests reading it only and exclusively after seeing the film, and not before, to avoid losing the taste of the first vision. “I used to … Read more

Cervantes’ Don Quixote: plot, characters and meaning |

2.1The plot Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza — Source: istock Don chisciotte It is divided into two partsone published in 1605 and one in 1615. The first part of the work opens with an explanation by the author of the story he is about to tell us: the story is not the fruit … Read more

Cantari chivalreschi: meaning and characteristics |

KNIGHTLY SINGERS What are chivalrous singers and how can they be recognized? — Source: getty-images In the first decades of the fifteenth century, when literature read in the vernacular fell silent, the activity of the singers continued in the squares. With the term cantari we indicate those rhyming compositions produced by jesters, or singers, and … Read more

The Boys’ Secret History Redefines the Meaning of Boy Soldier Death | Pretty Reel

While Homelander might be the name that comes to mind when The Boys’ superhuman villains are mentioned, Soldier Boy’s Secret History reveals that if not for the franchise’s Captain America parody, there would be no supe-killing team for Billy Butcher to lead first place. Indeed, the first version of Soldier Boy is the one that … Read more

The meaning and translation of Mon Amour, the parody of Ex on the beach for Stromae and Cabello

After the release on March 3rd with “Multitude”, Stromae has released the new summer single with Camila Cabello: it is “Mon Amour”. Stromae and Camilla Cabello 2022, photo by Press Release Stromae’s return to the record industry was a hurricane, in which the Belgian artist, of Congolese origins, tried to find a red thread, which … Read more

The Simpsons: six scenes that have surprising and unknown meaning

The Simpsons is one of the most successful animated series in the world since 1989. Each of his characters became iconic and are part of the imaginary collective of millions of viewers. Although there are people who hate them because they classify them as fools, they cannot deny that have a sociological degree that few … Read more