War in the time of social media: the Guarantor for the protection of children

The war in Ukraine confirms the old adage of a great Athenian playwright of the fifth century BC. We are talking about Aeschylus. The author states that during an armed conflict the first great victim is the truth. And how can you blame him? It is difficult to understand what the real trend of hostilities … Read more

Haredi media blast High Court ruling on Aryeh Deri

Newspapers from the ultra-Orthodox community slammed the High Court’s judgment on Thursday morning, expressing outrage over the judges’ decision to deny ministerial appointments to Shas leader Aryeh Deri, a verdict which deprived him of his seat in government. These newspapers of the written press, which are very popular in the segments of the population haredi … Read more

Kindai X Orès: Mastery from A to Z of brands speaking out on social media

Founded in 2013, Kindai is an agency specializing in social media strategy, influence and brand activation. The agency was born with the idea of ​​being able to create sustainable and creative Social Media Strategies for brands, always one step ahead. Today, Kindai opens a new page in its history by integrating the creative agency Orès. … Read more

Malheurs Actuels, the parody media dedicated to climate inaction takes off!

Malheurs Actuels will have its special magazine for this end of the year, in which we have already had the right to an editorial by Guillaume Meurice, columnist on France Inter. IN: What is Malheurs Actuels? Albin Wagener: it’s a bit like Gorafi vert, an independent, voluntary and parodic media dedicated to climate inaction. It … Read more

Caltanissetta, Mayor Gambino’s 2022 budget: “8 million for the Xirbi exhibition center, strategic development of the city. On social media, serial haters”

CALTANISSETTA – He spoke non-stop for over an hour, touching on various topics, alternating smiles, emotion, pride, satisfaction, disappointment. A raging river even though she started by saying “I have written in ink on these papers some of the things we have done. Not all . Because when you do things then you have to … Read more

TikTok, TV series and social media: 5 songs back in fashion during 2022

Thanks to social networks, even a song that hasn’t been successful can have a second chance. Even after years, decades. They call them viral phenomena because, although snubbed in the years of release, these songs reach success becoming real catchphrases perhaps thanks to a video on TikTok or a parody on Youtube or simply because … Read more

La Nación / Humor sites that imitate legitimate media sow misinformation

Are you considering a tax on breathing in a US state? Is it forbidden to celebrate the goals during the World Cup in Qatar because it is “too gay”? Did the bug spray makers hire a guy from Uganda for his mosquito-killing farts? Satires, parodies and jokes generally elicit laughter, yet are often taken for … Read more

Adrien Quatennens takes the floor this evening to denounce “a media lynching” and refuses to resign, denouncing the ambient hypocrisy: “My private life has been on the air for 20 hours on BFM in 3 weeks!”

6:14 p.m.: Tonight The voice of the North published the first exclusive interview with the deputy, a few hours after the decision of his group La France insoumise to suspend him for four months and to reinstate him if he follows a “responsibilization course on violence against women with feminist associations”, as announced by the … Read more

The Dukes of Sussex cause a real media earthquake in the United Kingdom with their explosive statements

It was eagerly awaited Harry and Meghan documentarywhich opens this Thursday the 8th on Netflix and consists of a total of six chapters, but the two trailers with which the content is advanced they have already far exceeded all expectations and are causing a real shock in the UK. The country’s press analyzes to the … Read more

Twitter 2.0: the assumed populism of Elon Musk | Libnanews, The Citizen Media of Lebanon

Barthelemy Michalon, Political science Upon announcing his intention to become the sole owner of Twitter six months ago, Elon Musk had hinted that his future management of the platform would be strongly marked by a populist approach. The latest developments clearly confirm this. Several warning signs already made it possible to discern the presence, in … Read more