Silver Age Influencers to Meet and Follow

The echoes of the song still resound “grandmother la la la la” who, with the neighbor of Villa Luro María Cristina (or Lita) as the main character, transformed the elderly into protagonists of the celebrations for the Soccer World Cup. The collective joy embraced the previous generations and put them close to the center. While … Read more

José Pastor: meet the actor who will give life to Miguel Bosé in his ‘biopic’

Although to many the name of Joseph Shepherd It doesn’t sound too much to you, the 28-year-old actor has extensive experience in television series in Spain and will soon premiere Bose, the biopic by Miguel Bose shows the character on stage and the man out of the spotlightfrom childhood to adult life. The interpreter, who … Read more

‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of “Me Chimba Meet You”

The Rose of Guadalupe became one of the most talked about and recognized Mexican programs on television. The format has lent itself to different reactions among the international public, due to the performances, the situations and the messages that it seeks to reflect with each story. In recent days, a recent and unexpected chapter of … Read more

‘La rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of ‘Me chimba meet you’

During the last days, the Mexican program the rose of guadeloupe It has been a trend in Colombia due to the performance of Ana Sofía Girmont in one of the episodes, which showed the life of a Colombian girl who arrived in Mexico, along with her family, and who suffered xenophobia from her schoolmates. It … Read more

The parody as an exception: does my baby fiu fiu meet the requirement?

Specialists give their opinion on the regulation of parody after the controversial case of my Bebito Fiu Fiu. This week, the song Bebito Fiu Fiu has been the subject of discussion by various lawyers specializing in copyright. Such a work is based on Stan’s song by Eminem and Dido; however, the lyrics recount the infidelity … Read more

The Simpsons meet Death Note in a crossover episode of The Fear is Ninety (VIDEO)

It’s decided: the characters of Cleveland from Family Guy and Carl from the Simpsons will have a new voice. After years of controversy, black actors will play them. Last January Hank Azaria, famous Homer’s original voice and many other protagonists of the Simpsonannounced that he no longer intended to voice Carl. The reason? According to … Read more

Meet the dancing goalkeeper who steals the show in pichangas of Villa El Salvador

On a soccer field Villa El Salvador we found Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne (who moved like an octopus in the goal to distract the Peruvian soccer players), but before they began to claim something from him, we realized that it was not him, but It was about Pedro Asencios Vásquez, the little clown Pitolino, who … Read more

Cars On The Road: Meet the directors of the Pixar short series

Like I Am Groot (here you can find our review of I Am Groot), too Cars On The Road it fits perfectly and intelligently into a very specific niche, that is of those who want a simple afternoon of relaxation and fun without frills. And so, as the world is captured by the resounding success … Read more

Meet Leviathan, The Man Behind Fortnite’s Best Meme

Over the years, many Fortnite content creators have risen to prominence. From single-hit wonders to fan-favorite streamers, the game has served as an important springboard for many high-flying gamers. The creators have captured the essence of the game in various mediums and continue to do so. Leviathan is one of those creators who started a … Read more

Meet ‘La cabezona Ingrid’, the tiktoker who parodies real life cases

BY: Estefany Valladares Although we all thought its funny tiktoks they were inspired by his life, the truth is that they were not. Ingrid Pardón Alegre, better known as ‘La cabezona Ingrid’, imagines and creates each of her videos and thanks her almost 400 thousand followers for loving her so much and always challenging her … Read more