Twelve years after the departure of Freddy Beras Goico, his memory has been a constant; his sermons are more and more applicable, nothing has changed

Like a great irony of fate, of life or I don’t know who, Freddy died on November 18 and his birthday is November 21, what a thing Santo Domingo DR .- Caramba Gordo time flies and there are 12 years that physically separate you from your people, from your Dominican Republic for which you worked … Read more

‘Memory’: between loss of memory and thirst for justice


With Memory, distributed by Bim Distributionthe New Zealand director Martin Campbell packs a well-made action thriller, in which the pace is always kept at a good level, despite some flaws related, above all, to the script of Dario Scardapane not always up to par. Memory: the plot Alexis Lewis (Liam Neeson) is a killer now … Read more

Sad, solitary and final, the memory of Osvaldo Soriano.


by Pasquale Martucci Too politically aligned, between 1971 and 1974 he was unable to publish a single line. And it was then that he began his luck: he decided to write stories in which he reconstructed the life of the English actor Stan Laurel, which soon turned into the famous novel: “Sad, lonely y final”(1973), … Read more

A memory of Prince De Curtis on the anniversary of his death

Fifty-five years ago, on April 15, 1967, the great Antonio De Curtis, better known as Totò, died in Rome. Born in Naples in February 1898, a great actor of the revue theater and of the avanspettacolo, in the thirty years between 1937 and 1967, Totò plays ninety-eight films (most of which as a protagonist) for … Read more