Animation of the highest quality, and with a message, at the Goya Awards

Alicia G. Arribas. Spectacular competition this year in the candidates for the Goya Award 2023 in the category of Best Animated Film, with five proposals that coincide only in their very high quality and in the diversity and commitment of their themes, all of them with a message, and only two of them unmistakably for … Read more

No, Jim Carrey did not expose the Illuminati in this video nor did his message cost his girlfriend his life

If you have only a few seconds, read these lines A video is circulating on social networks where Jim Carrey refers to the Illuminati, while making a gesture with his hands and tongue. Along with the audiovisual content, the text appears: “Jim Carrey exposes the Illuminati and this message cost his girlfriend his life.” This … Read more

“Winning is important to me”: Martin sends a message to Thailand

Second on the grid at Buriram, Jorge Martin intends to fight for victory. He let it be known as soon as qualifying was over, beating those who would ask him if he would play Francesco Bagnaia, who represents the best chance of a title for their common employer, Ducati. Jorge Martin signed in Thailand his … Read more

No one would like to receive Putin’s congratulatory message to Macron

Chesnot via Getty Images Vladimir Putin welcomed by Emmanuel Macron during a Russian diplomatic visit to the Élysée Palace in December 2019. Chesnot via Getty Images POLITICS – A political tradition between Heads of State. Like others before him, Vladimir Putin sent a message of congratulations to his French counterpart after his victory in the … Read more

Aldo Miyashiro launches controversial message “If they don’t let you go to the pichangas it’s because you’re hu…”

Though Aldo Miyashiro He was out of the public eye for several weeks after his ‘ampay’ with Fiorella Retiz, the presenter returned to be present in a game of ‘Once Machos’. What was he saying he? ‘The Chinese‘, decided to leave behind his controversial ampay with the reporter, and was seen with his team at … Read more

Alessandra Sublet: this is the end, her heartbreaking farewell message on television

Last April, Alessandra Sublet closed a relevant chapter in her life at the helm of the program, Canteloup. It was a shock for everyone to learn of the departure of this beautiful parody show host! Last Friday, she said she was leaving the media world for good. In other words, she thinks of making a … Read more