Metropolitan RER. Bruno Marty: “What is really the future of the Langon

By Lilou Baker Published on 24 Nov 22 at 16:47 Republican South Gironde See my news Follow this media The metropolitan RER has planned its terminus at Langon with a schedule every 30 minutes. (© Lilou Boulanger/ The South-Gironde Republican) The metropolitan RER project has not ceased to be talked about lately. As a reminder, … Read more

Panorama of violence in metropolitan France: Genesis survey

The Ministerial Statistical Service for Internal Security (SSMSI) is today publishing an unprecedented panorama of violence in mainland France, measured from the Genesis survey that it conducted in 2021. This work describes three families of violence: violence suffered in childhood, violence committed within the couple (“by partner”) and violence committed by a non-partner. For each … Read more