“Human trafficking” at the Havana Resort: the Mexican Consulate in Montreal knew about it

According to testimonies from workers and organizations, those in charge of the campsite would have cheated Mexican workers and broke the rules surrounding the hiring of temporary foreign labour. The employees reportedly worked six days a week while being paid less than minimum wage and never obtained the work permit promised by the employers. The … Read more

Eugenio Derbez and Paquita la del Barrio came together to sing to the Mexican National Team: “They gave pity”

It is not the first time that the Mexican actor has attacked the Mexican National Team (Photo Instagram: @ederbez // REUTERS/Albert Gea // MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM) Once again the The Mexican Futbol selection He was one step away from making history. His removal from World Cup Qatar 2022 In the group stage, they broke … Read more

Hoaxes and misinformation about Messi and the alleged kick to the shirt of the Mexican team Maldita.es

Categories Resources used reverse google search Twitter advanced search Google search It has gone viral on social media (here either here) a video of the Argentine soccer team celebrating in the locker room the victory of their team against the Mexican team after their match on November 26 in Qatar. In the images appears the … Read more

In Rockotitlán a movement was generated that forged Mexican rock: Sergio Arau

Accustomed to making his way like a tributary throughout his career, Sergio Arau is preparing a new creative adventure, and it has to do with cinema. The director, plastic artist, composer and musician prepares a documentary about the legendary Rockotitlán, a place that saw the birth of one of the most fruitful periods of rock … Read more

5 characters that shone on Mexican television and in this 2022 they would be canceled

Although many call “crystal generation” to those people who have tried to cancel or ban some programs, television series or movies that today would be inappropriate to have a society of respect and inclusion, the reality is that there are currently characters that have been canceled this year due to their behaviors inappropriate. It should … Read more

There is already a ’10 things I hate about you’ Mexican version: the best parody you’ll see

The love-hate story of Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) and Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) stayed true to classic literature and its Shakespearean roots with ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, making many dream of a romance like that of the characters main. The tape continues to give something to talk about and some TikTokers made a ‘remake’ … Read more

The new nickname with which Martinoli baptized the Mexican National Team before the World Cup

What is the new nickname with which Martinoli baptized the Mexican National Team prior to the World Cup (Photo: Instagram/@garciaposti) The situation of the Mexican team It is not the best to excite their fans, because in the last preparation match prior to the final concentration towards qatarthe national team fell 3-2 against Colombia and … Read more

Writers who marked Mexican literature in the 20th century

Mexican literature is often referred to as one of the most influential and important in the Spanish-speaking world. Due to its long history, it has gradually become a reference for various literary genres around the world. The most famous Mexican authors succeeded in reflecting the realities of their time: economic inequalities, political and cultural revolutions … Read more

The Mexican actor Jaime Camil thus seeks the essence of Vicente Fernández

MEXICO CITY – Jaime Camil is now an expert in the way Vicente Fernández speaks and thinks. To prepare for his role in the series “El Rey, Vicente Fernández”, which debuts on Netflix on Wednesday, the Mexican actor claims to have seen “98%” of all the interviews available on the internet of the regional Mexican … Read more

Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience: the metal band that was inspired by the Mexican actor | Zocalo Newspaper | News from Saltillo, Torreón, Piedras Negras, Monclova, Acuña

Mexico City.- Have you ever imagined that the actor Fernando Colunga, star of famous soap operas like Maria from the neighborhoodCould it inspire a metal band? As surreal as it sounds, a group from Serbia resumed not only their name, but also their artistic career. Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience is a band from Pozarevac, a … Read more