United Kingdom: at the heart of a controversy over the reception conditions for migrants, the Manston center was evacuated

The reception center in Manston, in the south of the UK, is now empty. The structure was evacuated after having repeatedly found itself at the heart of controversy in recent weeks due to the overcrowding of the premises and the living conditions of the exiles. It had been for several weeks at the heart of … Read more

Checco Zalone, at the start “Love + Iva”: the new show about migrants, women and even Putin

the event NoonNovember 7, 2022 – 4:18 pm It will be back at Palazzo Wanny in Florence on 8 November, already 100,000 tickets sold through the Ticketone platform alone. Of Prime Minister Meloni he said: I was positively impressed by the ability to communicate from Carlo Testa There is the story of a lady who … Read more

Migrants. A global campaign in favor of Mimmo Lucano

Domenico Lucano, known as Mimmo, the politician for three terms mayor of Riace, in Calabria – ANSA A international campaign of a global coalitionmade up of public and parliamentary figures, to drop the charges against Mimmo Lucano. A front is mobilized and organized in favor of the former mayor of Riace in Calabria, creator and … Read more