A video war game at the origin of a wave of misinformation

Illustrative image showing a Ukrainian soldier firing a CAESAR cannon towards Russian lines, at an unspecified location in eastern Ukraine, on December 28, 2022 (AFP / Sameer Al-DOUMY) Soldiers clash in burning cities, warplanes are shot down by missiles, drones pulverize tanks: these images seem larger than life, but are actually taken from war video … Read more

La Nación / Humor sites that imitate legitimate media sow misinformation

Are you considering a tax on breathing in a US state? Is it forbidden to celebrate the goals during the World Cup in Qatar because it is “too gay”? Did the bug spray makers hire a guy from Uganda for his mosquito-killing farts? Satires, parodies and jokes generally elicit laughter, yet are often taken for … Read more

Hoaxes and misinformation about Messi and the alleged kick to the shirt of the Mexican team Maldita.es

Categories Resources used reverse google search Twitter advanced search Google search It has gone viral on social media (here either here) a video of the Argentine soccer team celebrating in the locker room the victory of their team against the Mexican team after their match on November 26 in Qatar. In the images appears the … Read more

Hoaxes and misinformation, we are all guilty of their creation and dissemination

Communication Study Y Servimedia present the study “Hoaxes and Misinformation”which has been presented by the Minister Spokesperson of the Government, and has aimed to find out who promotes hoaxes and disinformation, how they are spread and what effects they have on society. The study shows that both the general public as well as journalists and … Read more

With the spread of monkeypox, misinformation is on the rise

Monkey pox continues to spread. There are now more than 18,000 cases detected worldwide outside Africa according to the WHO. And over time, false information about this new virus is renewed. Two months ago, when he appeared, Internet users attributed its development to Bill Gates, and made the link between one of the vaccines against … Read more