Blonde, Morbius and Tom Hanks nominated several times at the Razzie Awards

The young heroine of Firestarter is among the worst actresses, at only 12 years old. Every year since 1981, the Razzie Awards ceremony rewards the worst of American cinema. This parody of the Oscars, thought to amuse moviegoers, is however the regular target of strong criticism, and its creators have ended up canceling prizes or … Read more

‘The Boys’ is making fun of the revival of ‘Morbius’

The re-release of ‘Morbius’ in theaters and its consequent puncture has caused even more memes and jokes if possible. Not only in users or Internet users belonging to the public, but also from the fictions themselves. This is the case of ‘The Boys’, which is in full swing after the premiere of its third season … Read more