Rick and Morty: showrunner Justin Roiland fired after accusations of violence

Justin Roilandco-creator, executive producer and star of the animated series rick and mortywas fired after accusations of domestic violence. The satirical and parodic science-fiction series quickly established itself as one of the best proposals in the landscape of American adult animation. The creation of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon can boast of being proudly enthroned … Read more

The Return Of The Rick & Morty Parody Namor Couldn’t Have Been Timed Better | Pretty Reel

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 8 sees Mr. Nimbus appear once more – with some clever timing that makes the character even better. Rick and Morty season 6 performs a repeat of its parody of Namor via a perfectly timed appearance by Mr. Nimbus. Although a relatively new character to the series, Mr. Nimbus … Read more

Análisis de Rick y Morty. Temporada 6. Capítulo 8

Rick y Morty se han enfrentado a muchos villanos a lo largo de sus irreverentes viajes. No solo han hecho frente a amenazas como la Federación Galáctica o el Morty maligno, sino también a antagonistas de carácter más humorístico como el popular Mister Nimbus o Zeep Xanflorp. Es este último grupo quien protagoniza este episodio … Read more

Rick and Morty, tutto quello che c’è da sapere sulla stagione 6

Dalla mattina di giovedì 1 dicembre è possibile vedere i primi sei episodi della serie animata cosmic horror creata da Justin Roiland e Dan Harmon Iscriviti alla nostra newsletter per restare aggiornato sulle notizie di spettacolo     È finita l’attesa per tutti gli appassionati di Rick e Morty: la sesta stagione è arrivata oggi, … Read more

‘Rick and Morty 6×08’ and his great scatological parody of Iron Man, Pissmaster

Although the die-hard fans are still delighted and the truth is that the box office, perhaps more out of habit than passion, always supports him, it seems that the idea that Phase 4 of Marvel It has been, to be mild, a small downturn compared to Phase 3. We are no longer talking about a … Read more