“Johnny Stecchino”: the double of Benigni who clears the mafia movie

Back on Cine34 (channel 34 of the remote control) at 21 a great all-Italian success: “Johnny Toothpick” by and with Roberto Benigni. A parody of mafia movie conceived and created by the Tuscan actor who not only takes care of the subject, the screenplay (together with Vincenzo Cerami) and the direction, but he recites it … Read more

Anatar. The movie review

Unconvincing sci-fi comedy that mimics Avatar, following the style of Scary Movie, but with difficulty finds the irreverent and funny parody key. —————————- ONLINE DIRECTORY MASTERCLASS WITH MIMMO CALOPRESTI —————————- Anatar is a sci-fi comedy that was born as a parody of the blockbuster Avatarsreferencing the Monty Python movies and the comedy of titles such … Read more

Murder in the West End movie review on Disney+

Murder in the West End (original title: See How They Run) is a film by Tom George produced by Searchlight Pictures and played by Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson And David Eyelowo available from yesterday on Disney+. This is the review. London, West End district, 1953. At the Ambassadors, at the end … Read more

Movie Releases: Watch Them Run is a fun parody of Agatha Christie mysteries

Look how they run, premiere on Thursday 22 look how they run (See How They RunUnited States/2022). Direction: Tom George. Script: Mark Chappell. Photography: Jamie Ramsey. Edition: Gary Dollner, Peter Lambert. Cast: Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Ruth Wilson, Adrien Brody, Harris Dickinson, Reece Shearsmith, Sian Cliford, David Yelowo, Shirley Henderson. Distributor: Disney-Fox. Duration: 98 minutes. … Read more

Review of Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax, the new Guy Ritchie movie with Jason Statham

have a new movie Guy Ritchie in the cinema it sounds to many of us like having a new sweet on display in the window of a candy store… He is one of the most charismatic British directors of all time! Hit the billboards Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax and it does so with a … Read more

Knives Out Director Explains How Adding The Muppets Changes The Movie | Pretty Reel

Residence Cinema News Knives Out Director Explains How Adding The Muppets Changes The Movie Knives Out director Rian Johnson explains how adding The Muppets would change his whodunnit movie, as well as the iconic characters themselves. Rian Johnson explains how doing a Knives Out crossover with The Muppets changes the overall tone and mood of … Read more

Movie review: “White Noise” by Noah Baumbach on Netflix

Every day, a cultural object scrutinized by a free and assumed criticism. Today, Lucile Commeaux tells us about a film that has just been released directly on the Netflix platform: “ White Noise ” of Noah Baumbachbased on a novel by Don de Lilo. “White Noise“, it is a novel which dates from 1985, and … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe, Sylvester Stallone… 10 actors who hated their own movie #season 2

Getting a role is a good start for an actor, but enjoying it is even better… We come back with you to these 10 stars who weren’t afraid to say they hated their own film! Sylvester Stallone- Stop where my mother is going to shoot! © Northern Lights Entertainment / Universal Sylvester Stallone confessed that … Read more