Not only Shakira: Adele and other musical artists who have “billed” with heartbreak

Adele Despite the fact that Adele began working on her second album at the beginning of her first love relationship, after 18 months of failed creation, and added to the fact that what was turning out did not satisfy the singer, the relationship ended. The way the singer found to deal with her feeling of … Read more

Who is in the cast of Prince Andrew: The Musical on Channel 4?

A NEW Channel 4 production tells the story of Prince Andrew’s downfall. Featuring key events, relationships and controversies in Andrew’s life, here’s who you can expect to see on your screens for the upcoming musical TONIGHT (December 29). Rob Parfitt / Channel 4 Prince Andrew: The Musical features well-known British comedians[/caption] Who is in the … Read more

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”: An acid parody of the musical world

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is a 107-minute American film made in the year 2022 by director Eric Appell. Fictional comedy parody about the biography of the singer and musician al yankovic. Audience Award (Midnight Madness) at the Toronto Festival. Premiere in Movistar Plus+ since Friday December 30 of 2022. Review of ‘Weird: The Al … Read more

Singing in the Rain: Hollywood Apology in a Timeless Musical

Back to the cinema Singing in the Rain, the musical-masterpiece by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen which in 1952 recounted the transformation of Hollywood with the advent of sound. What is the creed of each actor? The show first! With rain, snow, sun or wind… the show above all! Singing in the Rain: An Image … Read more

Stranger Things: The Parody Musical, the funny play that gives more prominence to poor Barb

within the series originals of Netflixwithout a doubt one of the most popular is stranger thingsa production created by the Duffer brothers that pays tribute to the culture of the 80s. Released in 2016, the plot of Stranger Things starts by introducing us to a group of friends made up of Mike, Dustin, Luke Y … Read more

Platinette: «Mina in her slippers told me how to make a musical. I took 50 kilos for love “

from Valerio Cappelli The artist: «When I was 18 I cheated on my girlfriend with a boy. It never occurred to me to say: mom I’m gay. She once she found some pantyhose in my room, she washed them and put them in the drawer along with the socks “ Good morning, we need to … Read more