MC Reaça, the reactionary musician and abuser who created the omnipresent anthem of Bolsonarism

Tales Volpi Fernandes, MC Reaça, was denounced for domestic violence just before his mysterious death, in June 2019. His ‘Proibidão de Bolsonaro’, a song that ridicules the left, has become the big hit of the presidential campaign from 2022 On June 1, 2019, a twenty-eight-year-old admitted to a hospital of Indaiatuba, in the interior of … Read more

Don’t forget the lyrics: Nagui’s daring insinuation on the relationship between a candidate and her musician

Don’t forget the lyrics lets Nagui to meet hundreds of candidates. They are all determined to break records and earn as much money as possible. They have the pleasure of sharing the stage with the host. However, the latter is very naughty, and does not hesitate to tease the maestros… and even the members of … Read more

Haim, who are the three musician sisters of the film Licorice Pizza

Haim guitarist, keyboardist and lead singer Alana is now a star thanks to her starring role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film (for which she received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations, among others). But this Californian girl has been a star in another field for many years: that of the seven notes. She plays in the … Read more

“America’s Got Talent” Season 17: Who is Ben Lapidus? The musician was nominated for Webby

If you’re waiting for the country’s next big act, look no further, because ‘America’s Got Talent’ is here !. According to the current season synopsis, “America’s Got Talent’s 17th season returns with a new series of aspiring artists looking to compete for the $ 1 million grand prize. Executive producer Simon Cowell returns to the … Read more