“7 women and a mystery”: Italian suspense on Netflix

Photo: courtesy Netflix Netflix definitely works for mystery-focused stories, as the recent success of “Glass Onion” has shown. Following this line, but betting even more on humor, the feature film “Seven Women and a Mystery” is currently triumphing on the platform. In fact, the film managed to reach the top of Netflix’s list of international … Read more

What to watch if you like ‘Stabs in the back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’: 3 fun movies with mysterious murders that you can enjoy streaming

For some time now we are checking a Rise in the number of murder-themed movies, investigation and mysteries to solve. A phenomenon that we can attribute to the success of ‘daggers in the back‘, who faces it in a fun and even self-conscious way to maintain a necessary freshness apart from a well-developed intrigue. A … Read more

It is the perfect satire of 2022 and today it has arrived on Netflix: ‘Daggers in the back: the mystery of the Glass Onion’ is crowned as one of the best films of the year

It is difficult, today, to see something genuinely original, that does not drink from a thousand references and don’t remind us of forty other movies and series. Fortunately, rian johnson flatly refuses to let his new ‘Stabs in the back’ is a festival of winks without much grace and focuses on everything what happens, from … Read more

From “Summer Job” to “The Mystery of the Templars”, the new movies and TV series of the week | TV Smiles and Songs

What to see from December 14th to 20th on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Now and Paramount+ Matilde Gioli conducts “Summer Job” Smiles editorial team December 14, 2022 at 4:10 pm New movies and TV series to see during the week from 14 to 20 December on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Now and Paramount+. Netflix Summer … Read more

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”: the 1% club better watch out

It was to be a festive stay, an opportunity for a group of old friends to reconnect. With a private Greek island as your backdrop, what more could you ask for? But now a first murder occurs, then a second… Fortunately, the famous detective Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, is there to confuse the … Read more

Mystery Men: the brilliant and forgotten superhero parody reappears on video

If it enjoys a certain popularity with the spectators who have discovered it, we cannot say that the latter are plethora. This is all the more depressing as Mystery Men had the misfortune of arriving on the screens too soon, when its subject and its treatment should have made it a cult film. Imperial cast, … Read more

Archaeological mystery: the ancient Elamite script of Iran deciphered? | Science | In

Diamonds and squares with dots and dashes: French archaeologists came across these geometric characters as early as 1903 when excavating ancient ruins in the city of Susa in southwestern Iran. Researchers quickly realized that the language was one of the four oldest scripts known to mankind, along with Mesopotamian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Indus script. … Read more

Mystery in Saint

A French detective comedy with an exceptional cast that winks at The Pink Panther. Lots of gags and little suspense. ————————————————– ——— CINEMA SCHOOL OF WILD TRAILS: REGISTRATION OPEN YEAR 2022-23 ————————————————– ——— Mystery in Saint-Tropez is a comedy directed by Nicolas Benamou, director of An unrestrained family of 2016 and co-director of Babysytting of … Read more