It’s a cult classic of fantastic cinema from the 90s and you only have a few days to watch it on Netflix: what would ‘Toy Story’ be like by the director of ‘Gremlins’

Director of ‘Gremlins‘, Joe Dantehe did a few interesting movies in the 90s, and one of them was working for DreamWorks, a live-action “parody” of a blockbuster from its rivals at Pixar, ‘Toy Story’. Now the forgotten of her’Little Warriors‘ (Small Soldiers, 1998) Leaving Netflix in 3 days and it is a good moment to … Read more

The best romantic movies on Prime Video and Netflix to watch to daydream

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On Netflix and Salto: 3 amazing series to watch this Wednesday


Today, the editorial staff of CNET France invites you to visit a disturbing boat, a supercharged summer camp and the birthplace of Superman in three series to watch in streaming on Netflix and Salto. Subscribe to Netflix > Discover without delay: 1899, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Superman & Lois. What … Read more

Romantic Killer, review of the new funny anime on Netflix


Between what’s new on neflix octobera new anime series stands out: Romantic Killeradaptation of the manga of the same name by Wataru Momose, which from 2019 to 2020 has 4 volumes. The 12 episodes of the new product from the DOMERICA studio, directed by Kazuya Ichikawa, are currently without Italian dubbing, and are therefore usable … Read more

Inside Man: review of Sherlock of the Lambs on Netflix


GIMMICK GIMMICK GIMMICK A MAN If Steven Moffat is an acclaimed and popular screenwriter, he is nonetheless divisive in many ways. Besides its oft-criticized female characters, it is also common knowledge that Steven Moffat is what one might call a formulaic author. Steven Moffat likes to play with certain dusty legacies to revisit and twist … Read more

‘Big mouth’: season 6 evolves its characters but by talking less about sex it shows that the Netflix series no longer has so much to tell


For many, ‘bigmouth’ it’s over from character design: some supposedly ugly big-headed children talking about sex in a very explicit way It is not a tasteful dish for everyone. But those who stayed were able to discover that the series was not what it seemed and narrated the awakening to sexuality of a group of … Read more

The City of Fear on Netflix: which cult films are parodied in the Dummies film?


“The City of Fear” is one of the most cult French comedies of the 90s. If the dialogues are successful, it is also on the side of parodies of other films that we must look for references. The City of Fear : What is this movie ? The City of Fear is a comedy directed … Read more

Halloween 2022: Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+!


Horror movies aren’t the only things to cause a stir on Halloween. Here is a top 5 movies (which are not scary) for the 31st. Horror movies aren’t the only things to cause a stir on Halloween night. In effect, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ offer something completely different. MCE TV offers you a top … Read more

The best zombie movies on Netflix


Zombie movies are a film genre that deserves a little discussion. Indeed, a subgenre of the broader umbrella of horror cinema, they are obviously films centered around zombies, fictional creatures that are usually associated with virus-infected humans or resurrected corpses – hence the term “undead”. Mutated or resurrected, zombies are bloodthirsty monsters, cannibal in nature. … Read more