Parodies of Shakira’s song, a joke that could be expensive for ‘influencers’ and other users of social networks?

The release of Shakira’s new song in collaboration with the composer and DJ Bizarrap became an explosive phenomenon on digital platforms. The topic BZRP Music Sessions #53surprised millions of netizens in the world by having a letter loaded with darts against Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía. Despite the fact that the musical work was released … Read more

Communication 101 | We needed Fiorello, Jovanotti and Renzi to make us understand that nobody wants to acculturate on social networks

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s me or reality that is monothematic. In this period, for example, it seems to me that the news only offers me events that evoke a film from forty-six years ago, “Berlinguer I love you”. In that film there, the guy from the Unit party stopped the bingo with the … Read more

“The saddest Monday of the year after a placid Sunday. It makes sense”: the ‘Blue Monday’, reinterpreted in the networks

Do you feel a little sad today? When your alarm clock went off at six in the morning, haven’t you felt happiness run through your body as usual? Don’t worry, what happens is that it is blue mondaythe saddest day of the year, they say. Blue Monday is today I’m going to need chocolate to … Read more

‘Inside Job’ leaves Netflix and this is how its followers react on networks

Netflix surprised fans of its adult animated series during the week by announcing the cancellation of “Inside Job”this after producing just one season. The series created by the writer and animator Shion Takeuchi sought to join the catalog options for those looking for series with deeper themes, more sarcastic humor, and certain sci-fi adventures like … Read more

Elections 2023: the campaign in Quito turns to social networks with dances and challenges

This January 8, 2023 ended the first week of the campaign with a view to sectional elections to choose mayors, prefects, councilors and advisors for Citizen Participation. Politicians promote themselves through spots in television and radiobillboards in public space, and viral videos on social media. In this last space, each candidate has defined their own … Read more

Heterobasic, the strange phenomenon: «We have conquered social networks with the parody of the average male»

They are less than thirty years old (24 and 23, to be precise), and within eight months their life has changed, transforming the two former students Valeria De Angelis and Maria Chiara Cicolani first into TikTok phenomena and then into something bigger: the former actresses and daughter authors of the #metoo revolution. Notes on the … Read more

On social networks, does reality surpass parody?

WHILE ON TV satire can prolong life to a politician (think of Neri Marcor’s effect on Ignazio La Russa), a Twitter parody holds up as long as the imitated character is in sight. Then, he struggles. The Marxisti per Tabacci group, which was born decades after the fall of communism, could not stand the embrace … Read more

“It is not necessary to give an opinion”; influencer is flooded into networks for minimizing the feminist struggle

Written in EVA’S HIP the 12/26/2022 12:28 p.m. For centuries there have been questions surrounding the fight feministwhere millions of women have been in charge of making visible the systematic violence. Recently, last Monday December 19, the tiktoker named Hank, known for making videos criticizing “whitexicans” decided that he should share his point of view … Read more

The “great influencers”, these increasingly influential seniors on social networks

Posted 24 Dec. 2022 at 9:00 am When baby boomers become influencers, they are called “big influencers”. At the Streamy Awards in early December in Los Angeles, the annual high mass that celebrates content creators across the Atlantic, six Tiktokers came to raise the average age of an industry still dominated by the generation born … Read more