Series break: “Friday Night Lights”, “30 Rock” and serial heritage

Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) in Peter Berg’s “Friday Night Lights” series. SCO CHRONIC The disappearance of around sixty HBO series from the OCS catalogue, as a result of the end of the broadcasting contract which linked the two channels until December 31, 2022, was paradoxically accompanied by happy news: the available to subscribers of the … Read more

‘Saturday night fever’ 45 years ago. And a legend was born

Saturday night fever was broadcast on December 14 at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles; two days later in US theaters. We wrote about it two years ago, regarding its inclusion on the platform Netflix. Another occasion, this birthday, to rethink the film as a cultural phenomenon, and more. We have given the title of … Read more

Only Murders In The Building trio reunites on Saturday Night Live

This week-end, NBC aired the latest issue of the comedy show Saturday Night Live of 2022. Like every week, a celebrity presented the program but to end the year, there were two and not the least since they are two legends of the SNL, Steve Martin and Martin Short. The two American comedians, co-stars of … Read more

the moviola | A night without peace or how comedy ruined Christmas

@lamoviola A Letter of Good Intentions is the latest Christmas comedy Violent Night either night without peace (Tommy Wirkola, 2022), a sack of cinematographic references for its filmmakers, including the screenwriters Para Casey and José Molinero, educated in cinema seen at home and memory converted into a supposed creative drive. Because beyond an anti-Christmas comedy, … Read more

‘Night Without Peace’: Steven Spielberg Forgot He Worked With David Harbor

Steven Spielberg has directed over 30 films with hundreds of collaborators, so surely he can’t keep track of everyone he’s worked with, but forget about David Harbour? It is normal, for the actor david harborthat most of the public do not remember that, in 2019, interpreted, in Saturday night Livea human version of Oscar the … Read more

Every Easter Egg Christmas Movie & Reference In Violent Night | Pretty Reel

The holiday season is the perfect time to revisit beloved Christmas movie classics, many of which are referenced in the new home invasion action flick, Violent Night. Directed by Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters), the plot of Violent Night involves a group of mercenaries invading the estate of a wealthy family … Read more

Satire, where is the night. Word to Stefano Drawings and Fabrizio Barca

Since the world began, the ruling right has offered great opportunities for satire. Is this also the case under the Meloni government? In 1994, at the time of the triumph of Silvio Berlusconi and Forza Italia in the general elections, Altan published a prophetic cartoon: two old men sitting on the bench with the beret … Read more